Why Canada scraps Investor visas?

Why Canada scraps Investor visas?

While Canada scrapping the Investor visa scheme, US still continue the Millionaire visa program which invite the biggies to get a green card when they invest a considerable amount in USA which in turn help the government to carryout improving employment  scenario in the country.

The Question is why Canada Scraps the Investor visa which is very helpful for
Chinese to get a permanent visa for the country. The reports say that Chinese people are misusing the visa to send families to Canada while the businessmen still stay in the main land China and continue the business in the home country. In Long term the trick used by the Chinese will certainly affect Canadian Interest and when the Chinese holds important and key businesses in the country.

And why USA did not consider this aspect as a threat to the  American interests? The debate going on in America as many more Americans get anxiety about the Chinese influence in the businesses.

But in UK there are favorable arguments for the proposed Millionaire visa program that may lead to the implementation of the visa program soon. The Country may get more investment but at the same time It would consider the Chinese domination in future.

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