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IMMIGRATION VISAS: We have been sending our clients to countries like Australia, Canada, Newzeland, USA(H1B USA Visa) etc. these countries are known for immigration. One of the reasons these advanced countries take our skilled Indians is, because in these countries, old population is more and the younger generation is very minute. For their survival and to do their day to day jobs efficiently, our smart Indians who are already good at English are very much essential and valuable for them.

In one line to strongly say, if you want to transform your life by working abroad, if you are eligible according to the high commission rules, we will assist you with the genuine work visas, otherwise we will assist you to study abroad and then settle there.

OTHER VISAS: We are also Masters in processing: H1B USA Work visaVisitor visas, Internship visas, Business visas, Dependent visas, handling refusal visas, student visas, work visas all types of Short term visas, Long term visas etc. for various countries like Australia, Canada, USA, UK, Germany, UAE, Singapore, Malaysia, Europe etc.

REFUSAL VISAS: For advanced countries, since the rejection rate of visas is very high, many clients they process their visas themselves or with people with limited knowledge and visit our offices across India with Refusal notice and take our services. In these cases our success rate is more than 90%. In short we are masters and experts for ‘All visas for All countries.
We proudly say, let it be any country and any type of visa, we have a perfect expertised solution for that. Our success rate is highest, we have knowledge, we have experience in facing all type of visa challenges, and we are committed.
We are continuously improving our skills and systems, through ISO 9001 international accreditation, and providing best services to our loving clients.

Since 11 years we have been giving Study abroad services, we are assisting our students to get admission offer letters (I-20) to various countries, like USA, Australia, Canada, Germany, UK and Europe etc. for various courses like- Specialized Diploma courses, Bachelor degrees, Masters Degree courses, MBA’s, Phd etc.
We are efficiently giving our services to students because we have following skills:

• We have knowledge to understand student requirement by doing proper assessment
• According to eligibility criteria of Abroad University, we suggest the right country and right university to the student, which will bring transformation in Academic strength of the student according to his passion.
• We do research and find a right course, in a right country which meets his budget and purpose, by giving several Universities options.
• We communicate with the Universities and get Admission offer letters and scholarships.
• We Assist students in financial management – like Student loan, any other sources, where student can meet the financial criteria of University and the High commission.
• We take commitment to see that student must get the visa, because many students process their visas themselves or process with the people who have limited knowledge and come to our office, after their visa refusal. We have been expertising our skill in Visa process for every country since 1997.

Working abroad is the surest way to transform any person’s life. The evidence is, today more than 80% of the properties are purchased by NRIs and more than 80% of the wealth also accumulated with NRIs.
By working abroad not only we get financial benefit, but also this is the surest way to become a Better and strong person.

We are highly committed, knowledgeable to fulfill the purpose of study abroad or Work abroad or Migrate Abroad.

As the need for Money is increasing, once we complete 10th or 12th Std, we can definitely choose an option of working full time at the same time complete your education through distance education in very good UGC approved universities. To get your desired degree, we have various courses like 10thStd, 12thStd, Diploma courses, B.A, B.Com, BSc, B.ED, MBA, Phd. and many more options.
Even in many advanced countries students after 12th they chose the method of full time work and part time study.
There are many students due to various reasons, they could not complete their education and get their completion certificates. We have perfect solution to complete your desire to have desired degree.

To get a right service and to transform your life by working abroad or studying abroad or Study through Distance education,H1B USA Visa, all we need a genuine, committed, knowledgeable consultant – that is Global Gateways.
Call us at our Ph. No – 080 411 422 33 or mail us at .

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