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Why to Choose Germany?

  •   Largest economy in the European Union.

  •   One of the Happiest countries in the world.

  •  Relaxed immigration laws to draw in skilled workers from other English-speaking nations.

  •   The economy of Germany is the fifth largest in the world.

  •  Free Education: Germany offers tuition-free education, providing exceptional learning opportunities for individuals of all ages.

  •   Germany is a prominent destination for skilled immigrants with plenty of opportunities.

  •   The country's standard of living is high.

  •   The Goal of Germany job seekers visa: To draw young, talented individuals from English-speaking nations.

“Global Gateways – the Germany Visa Consultants in Bangalore, serving over 2 decades.”

Why apply for a work visa to Germany?

  •   The IELTS is not needed.

  •   Meet face-to-face countless employers and give interviews.

  •   Make a lot of money in euros by investing little in rupees.

  •   Move to Germany without a job offer.

  •   Over 500,000 positions are available for skilled overseas workers.

Eligibility criteria for a Germany Job Seeker Visa?

  •  You hold a Bachelor’s degree or a Master’s degree from a university equal to Germany’s requirements.

  •  You're covered for medical and travel Insurance.

  •  You can demonstrate with financial records that you can afford the expenses until you find employment.

Lead a rewarding and enjoy high quality life in Germany:



Earn in Euros. 1 Euros = 87.91 INR



FREE EXCELLENT EDUCATION: Your kids study for free in European schools. You too can upgrade with the Free education system.



FREE HEALTH BENEFITS: You can enjoy the best free healthcare facilities in the world after getting Work permit and Permanent Residence.



Enjoy lifelong pension benefits. Germany is rated as one of the best countries in the world to retire.



You can sponsor your relatives to join you in Germany.



You have freedom Live, work and study anywhere in Germany once you find a work permit.



A German passport allows the applicant to travel to 190 countries.



The best investment compared to gold, mutual funds, stocks or fixed deposits. Invest very small money only once and earn every month life long.


  •  Step 1: Check if your Eligibility

  •  Step 2: Arrange supporting documents

  •  Step 3: Schedule your visa interview at your visa application center.

  •  Step 4: Prepare your file.

  •  Step 5: Submit your file to get a visa.

  •   Processing time for Germany’s job seeker visa 2-12 weeks.

  •   If you do not want to take a chance, take professional help who has knowledge and experience.

  •   One of the Best visa and Immigration consultants is Global Gateways.


  •   When choosing a consultant, take into account these crucial elements.

  •  Seek for experience and success rates that have been demonstrated.

  •   Global Gateways is a leading advisor for Germany various Visas, with an amazing highest approval rate with a huge number of success stories.

  •  Several success stories highlight our track record and reaffirm our dedication to our clients' achievement.

  •  Setting customer requirements first: At Global Gateways, we give our clients' goals top priority. Our method entails providing committed support and direction at every stage.

  •  Our clients receive unwavering support from us until they and their family are comfortably settled, allowing for a smooth adjustment to their new prospects overseas.

  •  Select a conscientious consultant: To make sure that clients feel encouraged and well-guided, our consultants go above and above.

We are professionals to process:

  •  Germany Visitor / Tourist visa.

  •  German Student Visa.

  •  German Residence Permit.

  •  German Job Seekers Visa.

  •  German PR Visa

  •  EU Blue Card

  •  Germany Dependent visas.

  •  Germany Work visas.

Global Gateways can assist for

  •   Visit Visa for UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada all European countries.

  •   Admission services to study in UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada all European countries

  •   Student Visas for UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada all European countries

  •  Work Visas: we deal with only work visas which can be verified in respective countries Government website

  •   Immigration and Permanent Residence visa : for Canada and Australia

  •   Dependent visa for UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada all European

  •  Free consultation from 26 years experts.

List of documents required:

  •  2 passport-sized photographs with your application.

  •  Education documents to prove your Bachelor degree.

  •  Passport copy of the applicant and his or her family members

  •  A record of your previous employment.

  •  Marriage certificate, if applicable.

  •  Aadhar card copy

  •  Proof of accommodation while you arrive in Germany.

  •  A letter of intent – statement of purpose

  •  Evidence of job search

  •  Health and travel insurance proof. And other important documents.

  •  Other customized documents.

Global Gateways offers customized services such as:

  •  Profile evaluation by 26 years of experience prior to process commencement.

  •   Writing a Resume: We help you craft a resume that satisfies the needs of German employers.

  •  Obtaining documentation: Getting the paperwork needed to persuade the visa officer.

  •  Expert advice at every turn until your objective is achieved.

  •  Help and direction with finding a job.

  •  Advice on learning German language

  •  Assistance with the total documentation process, creating application, cover letters, and police or medical clearance documents; and more.

  •  A dedicated case officer who serves as the applicant's single point of contact with the business during the whole process

  •   Post-Landing Services: After you acquire your visa, we help you and your family relocate to the nation.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’S)

  •  Do I need IELTS / TOEFL or any English proficiency exam?
  • It’s not required. However, if you have good English it will help your career in Germany.

  •  Do I need to take German language test
  • German language is not a mandatory requirement, but we must showcase in application that you are learning German language. It helps to get a visa and find jobs. It’s advantage if you have at least basic German language skills.

  •  Is Germany open for migration?
  • The visa is issued for 6 months, once you find the job you can extend for 5 years and there is scope for migration or permanent residency (German Blue card)

  •  Cost Involved
  • Visa Fees: INR 10000 approx

  •  processing time
  • About 2 to 8 weeks

  •  Will I get my job in 6 months?
  • Most of our clients certainly get jobs with our assistance. Better to take assistance from old and experienced consultants

  •  How difficult is it to find a job in Germany for Indians?
  • Most of our clients certainly get jobs with our assistance. They get job in less than 1 month.

  •  Can I Extend the Germany Job Seeker Visa?
  • The Germany job seeker visa does not allow for extensions. If employment is not secured within the six-month period, you are required to return to your home country. However, successfully finding employment in Germany within this timeframe enables you to apply for a work visa. After approximately three years of employment, you may become eligible to apply for the German Blue Card.

  •  Why should I take Global Gateways services?
  • Knowledge is different from applied knowledge. What you get on the internet is knowledge. Global Gateways has experience for over 2 decades in applying for visas, handling refusal visas, assisting them to prepare documents, giving samples to prepare documents, scheduling appointments, interview preparation, Job assistance Etc. You are taking less chances if you use our services.


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