Canada scraps Investor visa program

Canada scraps Investor visa program

Canada is going to dump the investor visa program by which hundreds of Chinese getting visa every year to enter and settle in Canada. The most advantageous visa for the Chinese people from Canada bring more and more Chinese than expected to Canada.

Canadian Government thought that if the program continues the Chinese will have an upper hand in the Canada’s Industrial and property market. It can be told as the indirect Chinese invasion in the country. Already The Chinese investments in USA rose to record level and the American people get frustrated over the Chinese and the Chinese products. Increasing people’s anxiety towards the Chinese domination in the consumer market make the US Government put a check on the Chinese imports. To reduce the adverse CAD is also an important task for the US officials.

Likewise the Canadians act in advance to stop the increasing domination of Chinese in all fields including the investments in the property market. Though it may affect the investment and growth scenery in the country, the Canadian Government authorities are determined at least to reduce the Chinese influence in the countries economic perspective.

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