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Australia Immigration Consultants in Bangalore

Australia Migration

Skilled people who are looking to work in advanced countries Australia migration is one of most appropriate country.

People can go to Australia in different purposes. They can for Visit, Study, Work, to settle with their families etc.

Benefits & Why Should we Migrate to Australia

  •   Permanent resident can Work, Study, Live and visit where ever they want, they can enjoy that freedom without any restrictions.

  •   Permanent resident can enjoy every benefit an Australian citizen can enjoy.

  •   Permanent resident can sponsor his friends, relatives, family members to work and live with them

  •   Permanent resident can enjoy lot of Social Security benefits, Free Healthcare and education.

  •   Australia has excellent career opportunity for skilled people with excellent infrastructure.

  •   Permanent resident who lived in Australia has opportunity to become a Australian citizen.

  •   Australia has got low unemployment, hence permanent resident have got excellent job and career opportunities.

  •   Because of easy and transparent point based system, plenty of skilled people from different countries migrate to Australia, because of multicultural society and faster visa processing.

  •   Australia’s economy is stable and there is good demand for professions like IT, Engineering, healthcare, service and education.

  •   Australia climate is favourable with lot of sunshine

  •   Australia has beautiful cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold coast etc.

  •   Australia has naturally beautiful visiting spots, like Great Barrier Reef, Philip Island etc.
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General Skilled Migration visas:


189 Visa 190 Visa 489 Visa 491 Visa
ELEGIBILITY 65 Points or More 65 Points or More 65 Points or More More than 65 points
Sponsored by -- State Family member Regional State
Skill Assessment Requirement yes yes yes yes
EOI yes yes yes yes
Education & Experience yes yes yes yes
English proficiency test yes yes yes yes
Can sponsor family member yes yes yes yes
Permanent or Temporary Permanently Permanently Temporary Temporary
Visa validity 5 Years 5 Years 4 Years 5 Years
Processing time 9 Months 9 Months -- --
Cost From AUD 4,045 From AUD 4,045 From AUD 4,045 From AUD 4,045
You can work and study anywhere in Australia work and study anywhere in Australia live, work and study in a specified region of Australia live, work and study in a designated regional area of Australia

ELIGIBILITY TO WORK IN AUSTRALIA (applicant must get 65 points from below factors):

Minimum eligibility requirements
  •   Age
  •   English language
  •   Work experience outside Australia
  •   Work experience in Australia
  •   Qualification
  •   Australian study requirement
  •   Specialist education requirement
  •   Accreditation in a community language
  •   Study in regional Australia
  •   Partner skills
  •   Professional year in Australia

Australia Immigration Process


Useful Links

Top Jobs in Australia

  •   Industrial, Mechanical & Production Engineers
  •   IT System Architect
  •   Information Technology Manager
  •   Engineering Manager
  •   Analytics Manager
  •   Cloud Engineer
  •   ICT Business & Systems Analysts
  •   Software Programmers
  •   University Lecturers and Tutors
  •   Secondary School Teachers
  •   Database & Systems Administrators
  •   Computer Network Professionals
  •   Construction Managers
  •   Management consultant
  •   Civil Engineering Professionals
  •   Data Scientist

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