Why you option for a Canadian Study Permit over a US Study permit

Why you option for a Canadian Study Permit over a US Study permit

Why you option for a Canadian Study Permit over a US Study permit
Why you option for a Canadian Study Permit over a US Study permit

Canadian Study Permit is increasingly becoming popular and favored by overseas students across the world. Latest studies have revealed that Canada has emerged as one of the most popular nations for applications of overseas students, even more, renowned than the US.

Below are some vital factors that will prove why you should opt for a Canadian Study Permit over a US Student Visa:

Job opportunities

As per the statistics of the International Education bureau in Canada, more than 50% of the overseas students in Canada seek and eventually obtain a Canada PR. After graduating through a Post-Graduation Work Permit overseas students can work in Canada for 3 years. This helps them to get a job, the pathway to Canada PR and ultimately Citizenship of Canada.

The scenario in the US is absolutely opposite where getting a job after graduation is not permitted until a sponsorship is obtained.

Policy of Canada

In complete opposition to the anti-immigration US policies, Canada intends to welcome overseas students. The government of Canada plans to accept 450, 000 overseas students to Canada by 2022. The percentage of overseas students arriving in Canada has increased by 92% from 2008, as quoted by the Canadim.

Tricky US Visa policy

A proposal has been put forward by the US Department of Homeland security that would mandate overseas students studying in the nation to renew their visas every year. On the other hand, overseas students with Canadian Study Permit are encouraged by Canada to remain in the nation as long as possible.

The visa application system of the US is also complicated and lengthy requiring lot of waiting, questioning and intense security. Meanwhile, visa process of Canada is quick and simple and obtaining a Canada Study Permit is easy.

Exorbitant costs

Studying in the US is not only just more expensive than studying in Canada; it is also tough to obtain financial assistance as an overseas student in the US. Universities in Canada are more forthcoming in offering scholarships and financial aid to overseas students. This is very rare in the US.

Meanwhile living cost is also lesser in Canada. Overseas students are opting to study in Canada also because it is more inexpensive.

Donald Trump

President Donald Trump has severely influenced the way people perceive the US globally. His anti-immigration policies are de-motivating overseas students to opt for the US Student Visa.

Multiculturalism has become the hallmark of Canadian policies and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau enhanced the popularity of the nation amongst the overseas population with the tweet ‘Welcome to Canada’.


Healthcare in Canada is administered by provinces individually and they offer diverse coverage to overseas students. Overseas students usually choose the insurance plan of their school or opt for one of the several reasonable plans offered by private insurance firms.

Overseas students in the US must apply for insurance coverage from many schools and are often required to pay high premiums for private healthcare.

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