What is the life for an Indian in Canada?

What is life like for an Indian in Canada?

What is life like for an Indian in Canada?
What is life like for an Indian in Canada?

Canada is becoming intensely famous among Indians whether it is study or job or settling permanently over there. Most people in the Northern part of India are moving over there. There are many reasons why people prefer Canada than any other country, one of which is it is relatively easy to migrate to Canada rather than the US. Canada is amazingly multicultural – one can find eateries serving cuisine from literally all corners of the globe and many more. In this article, you will get an idea of What is life like for an Indian in Canada?

Moving to Canada implies living in a standout amongst the most secure and safe countries on the planet. The advantages of being the resident of this astounding nation aren’t restricted to getting a charge out of grand magnificence or accessing nature’s stunning showcase (the Natural Lights). Let’s get started by looking into the different aspects of Indian people living in Canada:-.

Markets- Well stocked with every Indian Food Item you can think of

If we talk about markets where you can every possible eatery of India, you will not feel homesick being in Canada. The Walmart over there will provide you every basic need from Aata to Basmati Rice, to Ghee to Maggie, to Haldiram snacks. Restaurants serve more fresh food than the restaurants in India.

Economy- largest economy- easy and ethical jobs, Free health care and education make life like a sweet dream for Immigrants in Canada

Canada being the 10th largest economy in the world with rich natural resources, high GDP and excellent international trade network provide multiple job opportunities and high standards of living. The different government program in which every immigrant also takes part ensure monetary stability and strength. So after moving to Canada from India you can easily earn money and sustain there. However the healthcare is free and school education is free, so the savings can be a little equivalent.

Cultural Diversity- yet no conflict in different ethnicity, peaceful neighborhood

As we know Canada opens heartedly welcome all the immigrants, so you will not find any dearth of culture in Canada. People with different religions, ethnicity, race, origin, etc. live together in peace and harmony. So, if you are planning to settle in Canada from India, you will not miss the multicultural aspect of India.

Low Crime Rate-

With the incoming of millions of immigrants at a time, Canada still is a quiet society The nation was presented the OECD Better Life Index award in 2014 for securing 9.7 out of 10 in security, one can easily settle out here with family without any worries.

Weather in Canada-hostile yet easy to adapt to

Indian people find difficulty in extremely cold conditions in Canada. Temperature falls from zero degrees to negative here in maple leaf country.

Education and Healthcare- free education and world-class healthcare in Canada- that is why Immigrants make beeline for Canada

Canada guarantees the best tutoring to all its young citizens independent of their experience. The Canadian government provides world-class education and healthcare facilities free or at the subsidized rate.

Family Benefits- makes old age a real enjoyable phase of life

The Canadian government is also very considerate when it comes down to the family of the immigrant. It provides innumerable advantages to the families so as to enable them to bring up their youngsters better. The family of an immigrant is part of each and every government programs. Other benefits include different Employment Insurance benefits like parental and maternity leave, survivor’s annuity, Missing kids concede, Victim financing and administrations.

As is evident from the huge Indian community settled in Canada and their active participation in different fields majorly politics shows life in Canada for Indians is hassle-free.

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