Prince Edward Island is a great immigration destination

Why Prince Edward Island is a Great Immigration Destination

Prince Edward Island is a great immigration destination
Prince Edward Island is a great immigration destination

Canada’s smallest province is making big waves in immigration! Over the past 15 years, Prince Edward Island has been rapidly increasing the number of immigrants in its population. The tiny province has become a popular destination for immigrants because of its unique and attractive immigration programs.


Prince Edward Island is a small place with lots of natural beauty. It doesn’t have a huge population, but there is tons of room for growth on the island.

The province is trying to harness this potential for growth by allowing more and more immigrants to settle there. Its immigrant population has been growing faster than anywhere else in Canada. Compared to the rest of the country, the island still has a relatively small number of immigrants in its population. But that could change in the coming years!


So how is the island encouraging people to move there? It’s doing so with the help of some creative immigration programs.

The province is incentivising people to come to the island and start the business in some of its smaller, more rural communities. This is part of an entrepreneurial stream of the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). The program uses a ranking system and candidates who receive letters of recommendation from the islands rural towns get more points than those who plan to settle in the capital city of Charlottetown. This program aims to boost the economies and populations of the rural parts of the island. The PNP in Prince Edward Island offers immigration options for people who fully or partially own business located on the island.

The PEI PNP also offers immigration options to international graduates of post-secondary educational institutions in the province. Certain streams of the PNP are aligned with the federal Express Entry system, which makes it easier to apply for permanent residency for some people.

Another unique immigration program is the Atlantic Immigration Pilot. This program offers attractive immigration options to newcomers to Canada’s Atlantic Provinces. These provinces, including Prince Edward Island, are facing labour shortages and a population that’s getting older. Employers who are interested in participating apply to their province to become designated within the program. They can then hire qualified candidates who will be assisted in settling in the province and become eligible to apply for permanent residency.


Prince Edward Island is a great destination for anyone who wants to start a business or new career in Canada! If one of PEI’s immigration options appeals to you, get in touch with Global Gateways Team. We can give you complete information on all your options for immigrating to PEI and help make the process as easy as possible!

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