Overview of Canadian Immigration in 2018

2018 Canadian Immigration Forecast

Overview of Canadian Immigration in 2018
Overview of Canadian Immigration in 2018

With almost half the year past, 2018 has proven to be a busy time for Canadian immigration. Since the beginning of the year, several Provincial Nominee Program intakes have opened and closed, there have been nine Express Entry draws, and Quebec has made changes to its immigration programs. So what can we anticipate for the state of immigration for the rest of the year? Here is a forecast of what might be to come for Canadian immigration in 2018!


Immigration targets that the Canadian government set for 2018 were very ambitious. The majority of immigrants to Canada in 2018 are expected to be processed through Express Entry.

The first quarter of the year saw fewer Invitations to Apply (ITAs) for permanent residence issued than in the same time period in 2017. Because of this, it can be expected that future Express Entry draws will have lower minimum CRS scores in order for immigration officials to issue greater numbers of ITAs.

In fact, the first three Express Entry draws of 2018’s second quarter all had lower minimum scores and resulted in more ITAs being issued. 3500 ITAs were issued in these draws and each had a minimum CRS score of 441.

In the coming months, there is a high chance that future Express Entry draws will follow this pattern. That way Canada can meet its immigration targets that it set out at the beginning of the year.


The first few months of 2018 have also seen lots of immigration activity surrounding Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs). Both Alberta and Manitoba introduced new PNP streams in hopes of attracting more immigrants. Several provinces also opened intakes for their PNPs, allowing potential immigrants to apply to these programs.

The rest of 2018 will most likely see similar levels of activity with the Provincial Nominee Programs. It is possible that more provinces will open up intakes throughout the year.


The province of Quebec has a great deal of autonomy over immigration to the province and therefore has unique immigration programs. In 2018, Quebec has made some major changes to its immigration programs. The province is making some of its programs look more like the Federal Express Entry system with points based selection criteria.

It is very possible that the Quebec Skilled Worker program will open an intake of applications before the end of the summer. This would allow up to 5000 potential immigrants to apply for the program.

Additionally, Quebec might open up its investment and business immigration streams to new applications sometime after August 15th of this year.


Back in February, Canada’s immigration minister announced a renewed commitment to family immigration from the Canadian government. The minister also announced that changes will be coming to the family immigration system to make processing times for sponsorship applications shorter. Family immigration is set to become a bit easier this year as a result.


Spring is the traditional time for university graduations. With so many international students graduating from Canadian universities, it’s likely that there will be a spike in the number of applications for post graduation work permits. These permits provide a great way for international graduates to stay and work in Canada after finishing school.


Canada is still facing elevated numbers of irregular border crossings and asylum claims. It is possible that this number could increase as the weather warms.

The Canadian government is currently weighing its options to address the issue and reduce the strain on the immigration system. It is also talking to foreign governments, like the United States and Nigeria, about how to reduce the number of unauthorized border crossings.


In general, the rest of 2018 is shaping up to be an eventful time in the world of Canadian immigration! A lot of news is set to be made in the next few months, so keep following Canadim’s blog to stay up to date!

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