Know about the Australian work visa

Know about the Australian work visa

Know about the Australian work visa
Know about the Australian work visa

The countries where most Indians would want to migrate to, even a year earlier, would have been undoubtedly the US. The reasons are obvious: it is the world’s largest economy, houses the world’s largest companies, universities and so on. But as Donald Trump took over the forty-fifth President of the country and decided to restrict immigration and vowed to ‘bring back jobs to America’. This has proved to be a dampener for many an aspirant from India.

The United Kingdom, specifically London, too is ceasing to be a magnet for many Indians wanting to relocate to that country for various reasons such as better quality of life, better opportunities for employment, especially in the field of finance as far as London is concerned, in construction, information technology, law, fine arts and more.

The citizens of the former colonial empire voted to leave the European Union and chose to be in a single market, which not only eliminated its sheen but also wanted to restrict immigrants’ inflow – one of the reasons the country became an economically powerful country. It is, in fact, the world’s fifth largest economy. For a country so small in size, it was a no mean achievement. That said, Indians aspiring to migrate to an OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) need not despair as they can look at Australia, New Zealand, Canada, among others.

Australia with its minuscule population, but high development indices attracts many from India.

Let us look at some Australian Work Visa requirements for Indian citizens. To work in the world’s twelfth largest economy temporarily and permanently, one must apply for work visas, which are of two categories. One is the Skilled Migration visa and the other route is through the Nominated/Sponsored Work Visas. For the first, you need to have skills which are required by the country to develop it further. Of course, a visa applicant has to meet a set of required qualifications.

For the Nominated/Sponsored Work Visa, an individual has to be nominated or sponsored by an accredited Australian employer, a Territory or State Authority or a government body of a government Agency of a Territory or State.

For Australia work visa eligibility, you need to satisfy certain other requirements too such as getting a good score in IELTS, in the SOL (Skilled Occupation List) your nominated occupation ought to be present, your experience and experience qualifies you to apply for the job you are applying nomination for, your skills need to be certified by an evaluating authority, which is recognized in Australia, you must satisfy the character and health prerequisites and you satisfy all the other requirements for the visa you are applying specifically for. For Australia work visa skilled occupation list, visit the official government website of the country Down Under.

Under an Australian Subclass 457 Work Visa, foreign workers are allowed to reside in that country for four years, during which they can enter or leave Australia any number of times.  The 457 work visa allows people to also bring their family along with them. If these visa holders have children, they can work and study in Australia.

Available for temporary skilled workers, it is issued for jobs where there is not adequate local talent.  Eligible for this visa are people who can be sponsored by eligible relatives who are living in Australia or they could also be those who have got a nomination from a government body of State or Territory of Australia. Other requirements include making arrangements for getting a health insurance for the duration of stay of the visa holders.

People can also apply for this visa through a Skill Select programmed. Look out for an employer who would nominate you for this visa. Visa applicants need to ensure that their employers fill up the employer nomination application online via the DIBP (Department of Immigration and Border Protection). Be prepared to wait for several months as DIBP may take some time to approve your visa application.

A Skilled Independent Work Visa (Subclass 189), permanent resident work visa, allows you to work reside in Australia. It is given certain foreign workers who possess skills that listed on SOL. To get this visa, the applicant needs to be sponsored by a family member or an employer, and of course, a government agency of any state or territory within Australia.

With the Skilled Independent Work Visa, one can reside and Work in Australia, pursue studies in Australia, enroll in Australian government run healthcare programmer, known as Medicare, you can apply for citizenship of Australia too, you can sponsor your relatives for PR and  travel out and into Australia as many times as you like.

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