India is the top nation for non-EU workers in Germany

Work in Germany
Work in Germany

India is the top nation for non-EU workers in Germany

India has emerged as the top source nation for overseas workers/non-EU workers in Germany. This has been revealed by DESTATIS – the Federal Statistical Office. The breakup of the non-EU citizens arriving in Germany for work is as follows:

  1. India – 12%
  2. China – 11%
  3. Bosnia – 8%
  4. Herzegovina– 8%
  5. The US – 7%

The number of non-EU citizens arriving in Germany for work has increased by 20% for the third consecutive year. The statistics reveal that the majority of these overseas workers are males from India followed by China and the US.

Below is the brief of major findings by DESTATIS – the Federal Statistical Office in Germany:

The quantity of non-EU nationals with Work Visa in Germany expanded to 266,000 out of 2018 from 217,000 out of 2017

This is the third consecutive year that their numbers have increased by 20%.

The age of the new arrivals was 35 years on an average and 2/3rd of them were males

Over 80% had Provisional Work Visa and 17% of them had Permanent Work Visa allowing them to remain uncertainly

The DESTATIS uncovered that Herzegovina, Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro, and Albania represented about 25% of the outsiders with Germany Work Visas in 2018. They made up just around 9% in 2015.

The Balkan countries were declared safe in 2015. From that point forward, it has turned out to be harder for their nationals to acquire Residence Visas in Germany on Humanitarian grounds. This has made migration to work an increasingly plausible choice.

The Government of Germany endorsed new arrangements before the finish of 2018 that is aimed for taking into account the immense shortage of specialists in the work showcase. The progressions suggest that now it is simpler for talented specialists including non-EU nationals to move to Germany. This is particularly if they are working in a field that has deficiencies of aptitudes, as cited by the DW.

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