Highest paying professionals in Canada under NOC 2019

Highest paying professionals in Canada under NOC 2019
Highest paying professionals in Canada under NOC 2019

Highest paid professionals in Canada under NOC 2019

Canada PR for worker candidates is granted dependent on a few factors and employment qualification is a standout amongst the most pivotal factors in this. You should initially comprehend your activity posting in the NOC. This will assist you with deciding the stream that will be your Canada PR course. It will likewise assist you with choosing the division o the Canadian economy where you should look for employments.

Registered Nurse

Nurses are one of the most sought after professionals in Canada. They are high in demand in almost all provinces and territories. A registered nurse in Canada needs to have a Bachelor’s degree. They also need registration with the provincial or territorial regulation authority.

Software Engineer

Every industry these days relies on computers to conduct their business. Software Engineers, thus, are in demand in almost all industries in Canada.

Account Manager

Account Managers handle a company’s business with specific clients. It is one of the best paying jobs in Canada and you can further increase your earnings through commissions. A Bachelor degree in business is usually required.

University Professor

An average University Professor in Canada earns more than $100,327 per year, as per Slice.ca.

Besides the great pay, there are a lot of other perks like free education for children of employees. You would need to have a PhD in your field for this role.


Medical professionals are one of the highest in-demand jobs in Canada. Their demand is expected to grow stronger in the coming years. Anesthesiologists are among the highest paid medical professionals in Canada.

Chartered Professional Accountant

Chartered Accountants usually make about $64,039 a year in Canada. However, their earning is increased manifold by profit sharing and yearly bonuses.

Business Analyst

Business Analysts find the best ways for a company to operate efficiently. A business analyst needs to have knowledge of both technology and business.

Engineering Project Manager

The demand for Engineering Project Managers is expected to remain very strong throughout 2019. An Engineering Project Manager can increase their earning through bonuses, profit sharing, and commissions.

IT Project Manager

An IT Project Manager combines tech knowledge with people management skills. You need to have a Bachelors degree besides many years of experience in IT.

Aerospace Engineer

Aerospace Engineers are expected to be in high demand not just in 2019 but also in the near future. No wonder, it makes it to the list of the highest paying jobs in Canada.

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