Global Talent Stream makes it easier to work in Canada


Global Talent Stream makes it easier to work in Canada
Global Talent Stream makes it easier to work in Canada

In just a few months, the province of Quebec will hold scheduled elections for its National Assembly. Immigration policy is one of the most hotly debated issues between the parties that are running candidates in the election.


One party, Quebec Solidaire (QS), has recently unveiled its plan to help immigrants better adjust to life in the French speaking province. The party plans to offer immigrants services to help them find jobs soon after arriving in Canada.

Another important part of the plan is providing information on French-language classes. Quebec is the only province in Canada where French is the only official language. Therefore, helping immigrants gain knowledge of the local language is a crucial part of any immigration policy.

QS wants to make all this assistance and information available through the help centers that will be located throughout the province.

While QS may not have a great chance of winning the election, the party does bring some interesting ideas to the discussion in Quebec.


Quebec has a very unique immigration system in Canada and does not select immigrants like other provinces in the country. Quebec does not use the federal Express Entry system. Instead, it has its own programs for immigration like the Quebec Skilled Worker program and Quebec Experience Program.

Quebec has to compete with the other provinces that do use the streamlined federal system to attract immigrants. Therefore, Quebec needs to make sure that its programs and services are attractive. The immigration plan proposed by QS can definitely help to make Quebec an even more popular immigration destination!


Some other parties, like the Liberals and the Parti Quebecois, have similar plans to better integrate immigrants into the province. However, the party leading in the polls, the Coalition Avenir Quebec, is taking another direction. They want to give immigrants to the province a language and values test after three years of living in the province. If a person cannot pass the test then their future in the province might be in jeopardy.

The Quebec election in October will have a big impact on immigration to the province. Hopefully, the winners of the election will ensure that newcomers are cared for in the future.

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