Canadian gov makes it easier to work with the post graduate work permit

Canadian Government makes it easier to work with the post graduate work permit

post graduate work permit
post graduate work permit

The Canadian government has recently released changes to the Post-Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) application process, effectively making it easier for international students studying at Canadian schools to begin working after graduation. Holding a PGWP allows recent graduates to stay in Canada after their studies have concluded, and gives them the ability to work anywhere in the country for up to three years!

Under the new program changes, international students graduating from a Canadian designated learning institution will have an 180 day window to submit an application for a PGWP.  This application period extends the previous 90 day window, and can begin once a student has received written confirmation from their educational institution indicating that they have completed their study requirements.

As well, before the recent program changes, applicants for the PGWP needed to apply while their study permits were still valid in Canada. Now, graduates have gained some more time and can apply after their study permit has expired. However, if applicants plan to remain in the country after graduation, they will need to apply for visitor status.

International graduates who apply for a PGWP before the expiry of their study permit are able to begin legally working in Canada. These candidates do not need to hold a Canadian work permit while they await a decision on their application for a PGWP.

Lastly, recent international graduates are able to apply for a PGWP from overseas. This means students can return home at the end of their student visa, and apply from outside of the country.


Canada’s Post Graduate Work Program is designed to provide an efficient path for international students in Canada to gain permanent residence status in the country. By bridging Canadian education into meaningful full-time work experience in the country, a candidate is in a great position for doing very well under the Canadian Express Entry immigration system. Having Canadian study and work experience ensures that an Express Entry applicant will gain extra points towards their comprehensive ranking system (CRS) score, making them more competitive amongst other applicants for gaining permanent resident status!

2018 saw more international students choosing Canadian universities, with over half of these students planning to eventually transition to permanent residents. As uncertainty grows in American immigration, and more restrictions pile up for accessing temporary visas, Canada has become a more promising option for students all over the world. Offering more affordable tuition rates, internationally-recognized schools, and national efforts to make immigration easier and more effective, Canadian schools are continuing to be chosen over other options.

As Canada embarks in welcoming over one million newcomers by 2021, changes such as those made to the PGWP can be expected to continue in coming months. These amendments signal Canada’s commitment to attracting and retaining international skilled workers, making right now an excellent time to begin the Canadian immigration process!

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