Canada has invited over 24,500 people for PR Visa in the 1st four month of 2018

Canada has invited Over 24,500 People for PR Visa in the 1st four months of 2018

Canada has invited Over 24,500 People for PR Visa in the 1st four months of 2018
Canada has invited Over 24,500 People for PR Visa in the 1st four months of 2018

The IRCC Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has invited total 24,500 candidates to apply for Canadian Permanent Residency in the span of 4 months through its popular Express Entry Immigration system. This in fact, is an incredible immigration rate registered by IRCC – the federal immigration department of Canada.

Although there hasn’t been significant fall in the CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) score requirement, still the invited number of candidates through Express entry is staggering in first four months of 2018.

Express Entry Draw Results in the first four months of 2018

EE Draws in 2018 Invitations to apply issued Minimum CRS points required Number of invitations to apply issued
1 Jan – 10 446 2,750
2 Jan – 24 444 2,750
3 Feb – 07 442 3,000
4 Feb – 21 442 3,000
5 Mar – 14 456 3,000
6 Mar – 29 446 3,000
7 Apr – 11 444 3,500
8 Apr – 25 441 3,500
Total Till 25th Apr, 2018 24,500

IRCC inviting nearly 3,000 candidates in every Express Entry draw

The IRCC has been consistent in terms of the number of invitations issued per Express entry draw this year. In almost each Express Entry draw launched this year, IRCC has invited 3,000 candidates, which a quite remarkable thing noticed. In fact, in last four EE draws, IRCC has invited 12,000 express entry applicants (i.e. precisely 3000applicantsper draw), while in first 2 draws it invited 2,750 candidates each draw. These numbers are commendable despite no real reduction in qualifying marks.

The qualifying marks are expected to reduce in upcoming draws

Although, the qualifying marks or CRS score requirement in the express entry is hovering around 440s, however, it is expected to decrease significantly in the forthcoming draws of express entry system.

Last EE draw held on March 26, 2018, the IRCC decreased CRS score requirement by 10 points, which was 456 CRS points in the EE draw occurred prior to that. This is a good sign from the perspective of Express Entry applicants eagerly waiting for the fall in qualifying marks. The CRS score requirement is expected to decrease further considering the massive annual immigration target set by IRCC for 2018.

Massive Immigration target in 2018

In its Multiyear Immigration plan (2018-2020) revealed in November last year, IRCC announced the annual immigration target of 310,000 permanent residents for the year 2018. Out of the total number 74,900 people will be invited through Federal Express Entry system.

At this point, ICC needs to invite 50,400 more applicants in next 8 months via 16 express entry draws (considering the 15-day cycle of EE draws). Which means, the IRCC will have to invite over 3,100 applicants per draw from now onwards to meet Express Entry immigration target for 2018.

Statistics suggest the reduction in CRS score requirement

IRCC may be having the candidates with CRS score around 450 at now, however, it is likely that in future, IRCC will have to drop the CRS score requirement. Considering the CRS score of the applicants at that point in time, IRCC is likely to reduce qualifying marks, as it cannot compromise with immigration target.

Apply Canada PR IN 2018 to have the best chance of selection

You stand a very good chance of selection for Canada PR invitation this year, in view huge immigration target and relaxed immigration rules by IRCC.

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