Australia Visitor visa (subclass 600) Sponsored Family Stream

Visitor visa (subclass 600) Sponsored Family Stream

Australia Visitor visa (subclass 600) Sponsored Family Stream
Australia Visitor visa (subclass 600) Sponsored Family Stream

Visa application requirements differ from country to country. If you are outside Australia, your nearest immigration office outside Australia will tell you exactly how to lodge your application and what documents to provide.

You need to provide documents to support your application for this visa. We can make a decision using the information you provide when you lodge your application. It is in your interest to provide as much information as possible with your application.

Provide certified copies of original documents. Do not include original documents unless we specifically ask for them. Police certificates should be original documents. Documents not in English must be accompanied by accredited English translations.

Use this checklist to make sure your application is complete.


  • A completed application form.

Receiving assistance

If someone gives you advice or lodges your application for you:

If you would like someone else to receive correspondence from us on your behalf:

Your identity

  • Certified copies of the biographical pages of the current passports or travel documents of all people included in the application (these are the pages with the holder’s photo and personal details and the issue/expiry dates).
  • One recent passport sized photograph (45 mm x 35 mm) of each person included in the application.
    • These photographs should be of the head and shoulders only against a plain background.
    • Print the name of the person on the back of the photograph.
  • If your name has changed or the name of anyone included in your application has changed: a certified copy of evidence of the name change.
  • Certified copies of birth certificates for you and any other person included in the application. The certificates must show the names of both parents of each person.

The character requirements

If anyone included in the application has served in the armed forces of any country: certified copies of their military service record or discharge papers.

Documents to show you are a visitor

  • Evidence of sufficient funds, such as personal bank statements, pay slips, audited accounts, taxation records or credit card limit.
  • If you are visiting relatives or friends, a letter of invitation from your relative or friend in Australia. If your relative or friend is paying for your visit, evidence that they have the necessary funds.
  • If you are visiting under the Tourist stream: Your itinerary for your stay in Australia.
  • Other information to show that you have an incentive and authority to return to your home country, such as:
    • a letter from your employer stating your intention to return to your job
    • evidence of enrolment at a school, college or university in your home country
    • evidence of immediate family members in your home country
    • evidence of your visa or residence status in your home country, and your right to return
    • evidence of property or other significant assets owned in your home country.

Children younger than 18 years of age

  1. If you are younger than 18 years of age: evidence that every person with a legal right to decide where you live consents to your travel to Australia on this visa. If one or both parents are not coming with you, provide:
    1. a statutory declaration giving their permission
    2. If you use this form, you will have to attach a certified copy of your parent’s or guardian’s government-issued identification document (such as a passport or drivers license) with their photograph and their signature.
  2. If you are younger than 18 years of age and you will stay in Australia with someone other than a parent, legal guardian or relative: a declaration signed by the person who will be responsible for you in Australia
  3. Evidence of enrolment at school, college or university.

Additional documents

  • Certified copies of marriage certificates or relationship registrations for you and anyone else included in your application, even if they are not joining you in Australia.
  • If you are living in a de facto relationship: independent evidence that you have been in the relationship for at least 12 months (for example, joint bank account statements or billing accounts in joint names).
  • If you or anyone included in the application has been widowed, divorced or permanently separated: a certified copy of the death certificate, divorce decree absolute, or statutory declaration/separation certificate.
  • Evidence of financial dependency for all dependants aged 18 or older (such as evidence of current studies):
    • a certified copy of their birth certificate and proof of their relationship to you
    • proof that they live in your household
    • proof that they have been dependent on you for at least the 12 months immediately before you lodge your application.

The Sponsored Family Visitor visa (subclass 679) 

This information is for people who have already been granted a Sponsored Family Visitor visa (subclass 679). It explains your rights and obligations.

You can use Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) for free to check your visa details and entitlements.

How long your visa lasts

You can only enter Australia once while holding this visa. You can stay in Australia for the length of time we told you when the visa was granted.

What this visa lets you do

This visa allows you to visit Australia only once. If you leave Australia, you will need to apply for a new visa to return to Australia.

While in Australia you can:

  • visit family and friends
  • engage in tourist activities
  • study for up to three months.

Your obligations

You and your family must comply with all visa conditions and Australian laws.

With this visa, you can enter Australia only once.

You are not able to:

  • work in Australia
  • study or train in Australia for longer than three months
  • stay in Australia beyond the expiry date of your visa
  • extend your stay in Australia.

This visa has a ‘No further stay’ condition. This means you cannot apply for any other visa while you are in Australia, except in exceptional circumstances.

This information is for a person who has sponsored a family member for a Sponsored Family Visitor visa (subclass 679).

How long the sponsorship lasts

Your sponsorship lasts until your visitor leaves Australia, or until the visa expires. Sponsorship cannot be cancelled while the visa is still valid.

Sponsor obligations

You should be confident that your visiting family members will comply with their visa conditions.

You must, to the best of your ability:

  • guarantee that your visitors comply with all their visa conditions while in Australia, including leaving Australia before their visas expire
  • take responsibility for any costs your visitors impose on the Australian Government while they are in Australia.

If a visitor does not comply with all the conditions of their visa, you might:

  1. be unable to sponsor another visitor for five years
  2. lose your security bond (if applicable).

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