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  •   A Skilled Worker visa allows applicant to come to UK to do an eligible job with an approved employer.
  •   This visa has replaced the Tier 2 (General) work visa.

  •   To qualify for a UK Skilled Worker visa, applicant must work for a UK employer who have been approved by the Home Office
  •   Applicant should have a ‘certificate of sponsorship’ from UK employer with details about the role you’ve been offered.
  •   Your job should be on the list of eligible occupations
  •   You should be paid a minimum salary, depends on the type of work you do

The specific eligibility depends on your job.

Applicant must have a confirmed job offer before you apply for your visa.


You should get a job which has the minimum salary £25,600 per year

4-digit occupation code.

You must mention 4 digit code for your occupation.

Knowledge of English:
  •   You must be able to speak, read, write and understand English. You’ll usually need to prove your knowledge of English when you apply.
  •   Your bachelor degree should be taught in English.

How long you can stay
  •   Applicant can get visa up to 5 years, you need to extend it.
  •   Applicant need to apply to extend or update visa when it expires or if you change jobs or employer.
  •   Applicant can apply to extend visa as many times as you like as long as you still meet the eligibility requirements.
  •   After 5 years, Applicant may be able to apply to settle permanently in the UK (also known as ‘indefinite leave to remain’). This gives Applicant the right to live, work and study in UK for as long as Applicant like, as well apply for benefits.

How to apply
  •   You must apply online.
  •   You can apply outside the UK
  •   Inside UK you can extend your current visa


You can bring your partner and children in your application to stay in the UK.

How long it takes
  •   Applicant can apply for a visa up to 3 months before the starting day of your work in the UK.
  •   Applicant need to prove identity and provide your documents and evidences.

Getting a decision

Once you’ve applied online, and provide your documents, you’ll usually get a decision on your visa within:

  •   3 weeks, if you’re outside the UK
  •   8 weeks, if you’re inside the UK
  •   You may be able to apply for fast track also.

Application fees
  •   Standard fee
  •  up to 3 years - £610 per person
  •  more than 3 years - £1,220 per person

Documents required:
  •   Criminal record certificate.
  •   Tuberculosis test results
  •   Employer – sponsorship documents
  •   Biometrics

Supporting funds:
  •   £285 for your partner
  •   £315 for one child
  •   £200 for each additional child
  •   Applicant would also need to have £1,270 support own application
  •   Funds should be 28 days old.

Taking on additional

Applicant can work up to 20 hours a week in additional work.

Shortage Occupations in UK:

Occupation Code Job types included on the shortage occupations list
1181 Health services and public health managers and directors – all jobs
1242 Residential, day and domiciliary care managers and proprietors – all jobs
2111 Chemical scientists – only jobs in the nuclear industry
2112 Biological scientists and biochemists – all jobs
2113 Physical scientists – only the following jobs in the construction-related ground engineering industry: engineering geologist, hydrogeologist, geophysicist
2113 Physical scientists – only the following jobs in the oil and gas industry: geophysicist, geoscientist, geologist, geochemist technical services manager in the decommissioning and waste areas of the nuclear industry senior resource geologist and staff geologist in the mining sector
2114 Social and humanities scientists – only archaeologists
2121 Civil engineers – all jobs
2122 Mechanical engineers – all jobs
2123 Electrical engineers – all jobs
2124 Electronics engineers – all jobs
2126 Design and development engineers – all jobs
2127 Production and process engineers – all jobs
2129 Engineering professionals not elsewhere classified – all jobs
2135 IT business analysts, architects and systems designers – all jobs
2136 Programmers and software development professionals – all jobs
2137 Web design and development professionals – all jobs
2139 Information technology and communications professionals not elsewhere classified – only cyber security specialists
2216 Veterinarians – all jobs
2425 Actuaries, economists and statisticians – only bio-informaticians and informaticians
2431 Architects – all jobs
2461 Quality control and planning engineers – all jobs
3111 Laboratory technicians – all jobs
3411 Artists – all jobs
3414 Dancers and choreographers – only skilled classical ballet dancers or skilled contemporary dancers who meet the standard required by internationally recognised UK ballet or contemporary dance companies. The company must be endorsed as being internationally recognised by a UK industry body such as the Arts Councils (of England, Scotland or Wales).
3415 Musicians – only skilled orchestral musicians who are leaders, principals, sub-principals or numbered string positions, and who meet the standard required by internationally recognised UK orchestras. The orchestra must be endorsed as being internationally recognised by the Association of British Orchestras.
3416 Arts officers, producers and directors – all jobs
3421 Graphic designers – all jobs
5215 Welding trades – only high integrity pipe welders, where the job requires 3 or more years’ related on-the-job experience. This experience must not have been gained through illegal working.
6146 Senior care workers – all jobs



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