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Refusal Visa Consultants

Use our professional services to apply for your visa. We are the very best in visa documentation. Our success rate and visa approval are highest in the country. We put our highest commitment and put our heart and see that client must get the visa. We are backed by experience from handling thousands of cases including our own. You get the benefit from our deep and extensive knowledge base which we have accumulated from processing cases similar to yours.

Our service includes

  •   Advising you on the best strategy to get your visa
  •   Advising you on how to present your visa case so the chances of a success during the personal interview at the Consulate are high.
  •   Advising you on finances to be shown for your visa
  •   Advising you on documents to be presented for your visa
  •   Filling of online form for your visa
  •   Submitting the online form to the consulate & scheduling appointment with the consulate in preferred language.
  •   Review of all your documentation for your visa application
  •   Interview preparation for your visa
  •   Before submission our expert team, will recheck the changes in consulate rules, regulations, forms etc.
Please note: We do not accept cases that have fraudulent intent / fraudulent documentation. We do not provide any documentation; we only help you present your case better with our experience and expertise. We do not work with applicants whose intent is not genuine. We strongly advise all visa Applicants not to apply for visas if your intent is not genuine or if your documentation is fraudulent. Fraudulent documentation will result in your visa getting rejected, with you being blacklisted by the Consulate /Embassy & with you being banned from entering the country for good.

Our Service fee is Competitive & among the best you will find in the industry. We process highest number visas, and our success rate of visas is very high. We stand for the commitment to excellence and process with highest commitment in keeping client must get visa. We constantly update our skills and update the high commission rules. Our aim is to give the best service and commit to fulfil the purpose of the client taking our service. Ours is an ISO 9000 company we strictly follow International standard Processes and systems.

How to get started with your visa application?

Make your payment online. You will receive your receipt and acknowledgement immediately. Our consultant will contact you within 24 hours. He/she will discuss your case & strategize with you on how best to present your application. You will also receive a document checklist, samples of formats, forms required and be given other relevant details. After your documents are submitted, reviewed and compiled, you will get a visa interview orientation, mock interview, build right attitude to face the consular after which you are ready to file for your visa.

Don't take a chance with your visa. Don't settle for second best. With total commitment we process your file, and we believe we are true best and committed. In fact many people get refused their visas and then approach us. Don't give chance to spoil your visa history. Our charges are really small and reasonable.

Sign up with us today and give us chance to get you visa! We are truly visa Experts and competent people to handle even most complicated cases.

Reasons for Visa refusal

While there are several reasons for refusal of your visa. Our visa & immigration specialists are well acquainted with the reasons for refusal of applications and ensure that our clients do not have to be disappointed. Since we have handled huge number of Refusal visas of different countries, we increase your chances to get the visa.

We thereby gear you with useful advice to easily qualify through every step and overcome every hurdle without any hassle and finally get your visa approval, easily. Grounds on which visa application is usually refused are:

  •   Inability to produce sufficient relevant documents
  •   Insufficient funds to support one`s own or dependants' expenses
  •   Criminal record of the applicant
  •   Disclosure of any essential fact about the applicant, otherwise hidden by them
  •   Insufficient proof to provide evidence for residence abroad or strong ties, such as family, employment or any other that ensure your return to your native country
  •   Not presented the file properly
  •   Inefficiency to convince the consular in every respect that you deserve visa and you meet their requirement in all angles
  •   Insufficient information provided in the application form and lack of providing the demanded documents may also cause the return of application and extends your visa procedure but this doesn't cause the refusal of the applications

We assure that your application gets an approval in the minimum possible time, as our executives make sure that such mistakes do not happen and give their best effort to present your case in a favourable light to the embassy officials.

Kindly give us chance to meet your desire, we commit to give excellent service and meet your purpose.


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Disclaimer: Global Gateways, Do not offer consultancy on overseas jobs / work permits / international or domestic placements etc. We are primarily Visa and immigration advisory company that offers consultation on Visa and immigration options. We are not associated with any government authority or department of immigration. We neither assist in any kind of Job / employment offers nor do guarantee any kind of domestic / International placements and visas.

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