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Norway Skilled Jobseeker


Skilled Jobseeker residence permit is an excellent option for foreigners who intend to stay and like to facilitate their Job search in Norway. Successful Skilled Jobseekers will be allowed a 6 months residence permit in Norway and pursue their Job. The Skilled Jobseeker residence permit is applicable only for the residents of countries where the visa is a requirement.

*Religious workers/Teachers and ethnic cooks are not eligible for a Jobseeker visa considering the competence requirements are more stringent.


Foreigners who wish to apply for a skilled Jobseeker visa must fulfill one of these requirements:

Possess a Vocational trainings/Craft course/University Degree or a higher Special qualifications from a Recognised Universities around the world meeting to the standards of Norway and relevant to their nominated occupation.

Apart from the Educational and Employment requirements as a skilled worker one must also possess sufficient funds to live in Norway for the intended stay in the country. This currently corresponds to NOK 103,950 in Norway currency for six months which is approximately 10.10 Lakhs in Indian rupees.

Why Norway?

  • Rich country
  • Great Standard of Living
  • Strong Economy & Job Market
  • Low Unemployment rate
  • Stable Government
  • Short Process Time
  • Low Investment

How to overcome the biggest problem of finding an overseas job?

Even if there are several job opportunities that suit your profile, overseas employers or placement agencies will ignore your application because you are not physically available

To them, your availability would mean two things: whether you are in the country to face a personal interview and whether if selected you would be eligible to work.

In normal circumstances, you are allowed to work in a country if you possess a Job offer and the employer sponsors you for a relevant visa to work. Norway has a solution for foreign with adequate skills who wish to start their career and are looking for Jobs by offering a special category of residence permit called Norway Skilled Jobseeker Residence permit.

The Permit allows foreigners to legally enter Norway with a clear intent of seeking employment.

You are allowed to stay for 6 months and can look for a job, upon expiry you will need to depart from the country. You can make multiple trips to Norway during this period.

With this Skilled Jobseeker Residence permit you are not allowed to work, but only hunt for Jobs. However as soon as you have finished interviewing with an employer and if you are offered a job, you will easily get an Skilled worker residence permit that allows you to work and to bring your spouse and dependents to live with you in Norway. This skilled worker residence permit forms to Permanent residency upon completion of your 3 years residence status in Norway.

Also, you are allowed to get an Skilled Jobseeker residence permit renewed or reapply until you are away from the country for more than an year.

With those reasonable conditions agreed upon, international job seekers can now look for an opening in Norway.

This Residence permit not only allows you to search for a job, it also will provide you the exposure and experience of finding an overseas jobs.

If you have not travelled overseas earlier, it will allow you to see the richest, the most developed economy to India and also build your travel history.

Benefits of a Jobseeker Visa:

  • The Skilled Jobseekers who are successful in securing a job in Norway can apply for a skilled worker residence permit with a sponsorship from a local employer.
  • The Employer can easily sponsor your skilled worker residence permit.
  • This permit also forms to Permanent residency in Norway after completing 3 years of residence.

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