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How to become Global Gateways Franchise Partner

Why to take Global Gateways Franchise?

  • Global Gateways is an ISO 9001 certified organization managed by highly experienced professionals with 23 years of service.
  • We are providing career abroad opportunities and visas services for Canada, Australia, UK, USA, Germany, Europe, New Zealand etc.
  • We have been assisting students with Study Abroad opportunities.
  • Global Gateways is a Visa, Immigration, Work Abroad and Study Abroad Consultancy Company, providing a wide range of consultancy services internationally.
  • We are solution providers for complicated visas and who are looking for tailor made solutions for their visas and their family members.
  • Entire world people are taking our services, every day we have international enquiries.



We provide visa services for Visitors, family visitors, Long term Multiple entry visas, Dependant visas, Business visas, Entrepreneur visas, Investment visas, Work visas, Work permit visas, Job seeker visas and many more.


  • We also do Immigration visa services for all the countries, wherever there is immigration and settlement opportunities are available.
  • Applicants can work and settle in these countries with their families and lead high quality life.
  • Ex. Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
  • Why these countries migrate? They migrate young skilled people to improve their economy and to meet the Employment requirement.


  • Every day many people come to us after their visa Refusal.
  • In websites and in internet what you get is knowledge, and ours is applied knowledge with 23 years of experience.


  • We assist students to Study courses like Diploma courses, Bachelor Degrees, Master degrees and PHD’s in countries like UK, USA, AUSTRALIA, CANADA, GERMANY, EUROPE, NEW ZEALAND Etc.,
  • We have tie up with more than 700 universities. We give services to students from Career counselling to settlement.


  • We have dream to benefit more applicants with our genuine opportunity.
  • To fulfil this ambition we have come out with franchisee opportunity.
  • Our opportunities have truly transformed many people lives who have dream to have career in advanced countries.
  • Many of our clients are continuously referring plenty of clients to us.
  • The products we are dealing are genuine and transparent.
  • It’s a genuine business “opportunity” which has a total concept of win-win.
  • Franchisee get a right opportunity, with little investment, franchisee has opportunity to earn good money every month.
  • Franchisee job is just focus finding eligible applicants.
  • Giving customer service is Franchisor’s responsibility, this we have mastered since 23 years.
  • Customer who is look for a right opportunity to transform life, this is the best opportunity to meet their dreams.

Advantage and support of Global Gateways:

  • Global Gateways – Highly reputed and Credible brand name in India and Abroad
  • With more and more aspirants opting for Immigration and Overseas Education as a career, Global Gateways being their preferred destination for quality service assistance.
  • Unique Franchise business model with little investment.
  • Centralized application and visa processing
  • Free leads from Digital Marketing
  • Recruitment Guidance and Support
  • Recognition and Involvement of Franchise partners for outstanding performance
  • Complete training will be given for Franchise partners and their team.


Today most of the businesses shifted to ecommerce. Now a day’s most of the businesses are slowing deteriorating due to ecommerce business. Investing huge money on real estate and product based businesses are no more worthwhile. Customer love to buy the products in internet than in physical stores because it has plenty of benefits unfortunately ecommerce is a big people game.


  • Since 23 years we are successfully doing this business with good profitability.
  • The reason we are always in profit because, investment and monthly establishment expenses are less.


  • It’s well proven over decades, if you go to advanced countries we can enjoy high quality life and high income, because we can earn in dollars, save in dollars and spend in Rupees, because we are used for saving life since childhood.


  • Any business you chose, we have to work. In this business, you need a small office and few employees depends on your business growth.
  • You can start with minimum employees and keep growing as business grows.


  • Global Gateways experienced team take care your customer service, from beginning till end.
  • Franchisee job is finding or sourcing the Applicants who is interested to study or work in advanced countries.
  • In fact in India every one want to have career in advanced countries because it’s well proven.
  • Students wants to study abroad if they are financially good.
  • Employees looking for genuine working abroad opportunities, parents want to send their children abroad.


  • Today any business we do, we have to invest on real estate, products, employees, office maintenance etc.
  • In our business – low investment, initial small amount franchisee fee, small office, less office maintenance expenses.
  • Less risk more profit.




  • Any service we give, that service can be verifiable in respective government website.
  • We insist every applicant to be well aware of the opportunity before they start process.
  • Huge business we are getting from our old clients referrals.
  • Thanks to these people every day we have cliental referrals business.


  • 23 years of trust worthy reliable services we have been giving.
  • For us Business means, giving solution for the customers problems.
  • Solve the customer’s problems sincerely with honesty, integrity and enjoy better life, this is our philosophy.


  • Our process comprised of experienced people who follow right process.
  • Before we take up the customer service, very first job we do is, check the eligibility of the applicant.
  • If applicant meets eligibility criteria then only we take up the case.
  • Absolutely no chance for fooling the applicants.
  • Our documentation process comprised of experienced people, we follow ISO 9001 certified process.
  • For example, for every process we follow Prepared by, checked by and approved by, so that we do error free process.


  • In our business the most essential commitment is ‘Continuous Professional Development’.
  • Every day we have to update our knowledge of visa rules of Consulates and High commissions, regarding changes in the Rules and Regulations, policies, eligibility criteria, how to apply etc.
  • Daily we swim across the rivers of the Rules and Regulations of the Consulates to find solution for our customers challenge. It’s a very tedious job, which we really enjoy it.
  • If you are interested in this smart business, please contact us:

Contact no: +91-74835 63419. Email: amarnath@globalgateways.co.in

Disclaimer: Global Gateways, Do not offer consultancy on overseas jobs / work permits / international or domestic placements etc. We are primarily Visa and immigration advisory company that offers consultation on Visa and immigration options. We are not associated with any government authority or department of immigration. We neither assist in any kind of Job / employment offers nor do guarantee any kind of domestic / International placements and visas.

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