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France Visa


The "Skills & Talents" permit is granted to a foreign national who is likely to make, by virtue of her or her skills and talents, a significant and lasting contribution to the economic development of France and his or her home country.

The applicant will need to show a project in the form of a presentation to apply for this permit.

The "Skills and Talents" permit is valid for 3 years, is renewable & allows the holder to carry out any professional activity of their choice in connection with their project or business.

Only foreign nationals living legally in France or residing abroad may apply.

Applications must be submitted to the French Consulate in the applicant's country, if he or she lives out of France.

The holder's family members will be issued with a "Private and Family Life" permit allowing them to work.


The card is normally issued for a professional project.

A project is similar to a plan or a presentation & must be in detail and supported by all relevant documentation.

This project can be :

  • A salaried activity
  • A commercial, industrial or craft activity (for an entrepreneur)
  • An independent profession ( writer, translator)

or likely to contribute in one way or another to the influence both of France and -directly or not of the applicant's country.

A project with the only purpose of studies will not be considered.

Who can apply for this visa?

  • Professionals who wish to work or settle in France
  • Companies who want to easily open an office & send Indian staff to work in France
  • Investors & entrepreneurs who want to open a business in France



  • Any professional with a degree & work experience can apply for the Skills & Talents Permit
  • Applicant must have a Bachelors Degree. Artists and athletes are exempted from this rule
  • Bachelor's degree holder needs 3 years of work experience
  • Masters Degree holder needs 1 year of work experience
  • PhD holders do not require work experience
  • Masters or higher degrees in physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, computer-sciences, agronomy, marketing, human resources, management, finance, actuarial and accounting will be given
  • Highly Skilled Professionals specializing in the above areas, with relevant work experience & good income stand a great chance of getting this permit conditional to the project being detailed, substantial & superior
  • In demand: Any occupations , professions or activities requiring high qualifications

Annual Income

  • Whatever the degree, a level of income, comparable to that of a senior executive in France is required.
  • There is no fixed figure & to determine income the age of the applicant and the nature of the project will be considered.
  • An applicant older than 30 years should in principle strictly meet the criteria of income.
  • A candidate without a degree/diploma will have to justify a professional experience of at least 5 years & a high level of income.

Investors, Entrepreneurs & Businessmen

You are eligible for the "Skills and Talents" permit if you can show one the following economic projects:

  • Project leading to the creation of at least two jobs, including the yours in France, or to the safeguarding of at least two jobs in France.
  • Project including an investment in tangible assets (acquisition of land, buildings and equipments) or intangible assets ( transfer of technology , rights, patents, licenses, know-how or unpatented technical knowledge) of at least 300.000 Euros.
  • Project sponsored by a foreign company created for at least two years or already established in France

Project here refers to business plan. Your business plan must be backed with sufficient financial resources that show you are able to execute the same.

Any Indian company likely to create jobs in France will be given priority.

Employees of a Company

The "Skills and Talents" permit can be issued to a foreigner named as a legal representative in an company if he meets the following cumulative criteria :

  1. Gross monthly earnings of at least 3 times the French established minimal wage (SMIC)
  2. Mission in France longer than 6 months.
  3. He proves he has been with the company for over 3 months.

Minimum wage in France is currently about 1400 Euros per month.


  • For individual Olympic sports, the applicant must have been national.
  • Champion in his country of origin the previous year or must have participated as a team athlete to continental or world championships.
  • For the Olympic sports by teams, the applicant must be a permanent member of the national team.
  • For non-Olympic sports, the applicant must be a permanent member of the national team.
  • For coaches and technicians, the applicant must have trained permanently the national team or a 1st division one. "Permanently" means "the previous sports season and the current one".
  • The professional notoriety of an athlete allows to waive those rules. (If the applicant is famous and well known, the above rule is waived)

Cultural or humanitarian projects

The notoriety of the applicant will be taken into account to appreciate the influence. The applicant must be famous and well known.

Processing time at the Consulate:

1 month from date of submission. This is currently indicated on the consulate website, however process time could be much longer or much shorter depending on the applications being submitted at your consulate.


  • Application fee: Approximately US$ 175
  • VFS logistics & service fee approximately US$ 7-$10
  • VFS Courier fee (optional)

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