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EU Blue Card

European Union (EU) has adopted the EU Blue Card directive which allows highly skilled Non- EU nationals to live and work in Europe.

Every individual EU nation has been given two years to implement this directive into a law. Though none of the EU nation has implemented it, it is expected to become law soon.

EU Blue Card similar to American Green Card is intended to facilitate non-EU nationals access to the EU Labour Market and entitle them to socio-economic rights and favourable conditions to bring in their families and move across EU

Eligibility for EU Blue Card

The admittance criteria for the EU Blue Card concern the following:

  • Highly educated or highly qualified professionals are eligible to applying for Blue Card
  • The applicant of EU Blue Card must have been offered a job in any of the EU member nation for at least one year.

The Gross Monthly Income shall not be less than 1.5 times the average monthly income in the EU members state.

Applying for EU Blue Card

Any non-EU national to apply for EU Blue Card needs to apply for an open position in his chosen EU country (except for Great Britain, Ireland and Denmark).

The EU nation has 90 days to decide upon the application.

Benefits of EU Blue Card

  • Blue Card is valid upto 4 years and is renewable
  • It does not entitle the holder for permanent residency
  • Blue Card entitles the holders to enjoy the equal social status and benefits of a member country to that of its nationals.
  • Blue Card holders can relocate after 18 months of legal residence in one member country to any other EU member country for the purpose of highly skilled employment

EU Work Permit

Successful visa applicants admitted under the Blue Card scheme will receive a special residence and work permit, entitling them to EU residential and economic rights and favourable conditions for bringing along family members.

Access to the labour market in the country where the Blue Card is issued will be restricted for a minimum of two years after which holders of the card can move to another Member State for highly qualified work.

Workers on the Blue Card can add up periods of residence in different Member States to obtain long-term EC residence, enabling them to buy a house, run a business, have investments, travel, obtain credit, get a driving license etc. in the EU.


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