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Great News: Canada aims to welcome 485,000 new permanent residents in 2024, 500,000 in 2025 and 500,000 in 2026. Canada Express Entry program.

Canada Express Entry visa Program

The revolutionary Canada Express Entry Visa program is a gift to the aspirants, who wants to get a job in Canada and settle there. Canada Express entry visa program starts from January 2015. But the preparations are already started and consultancy companies like Global gateways already started provide consultation and assessment on resumes for the program.

The main attraction in the program is you don’t need to choose your credentials to put forward to be selected for a particular job, which needs only special skills to suits the job. You just add all your credentials in your resume and submit it with an Expression of interest. Your resume will go to a pool of applications where the job bank and the employers can access the resume and they choose the applications on their choice and ask the pool administer to send an invitation to submit the specified application for the job.

The advantage here is, we don’t need to suit our credentials to a particular job in demand in Canada with a cap where we may lose the chance in the name of cap reached. Your resume will be analyzed for more number of jobs that needs your credentials. Since there is no cap system to apply for the pool of jobs, thousands of applications will be sent to the pool and we need to submit our application as soon as possible.

The job offer includes permanent residence chance and once the job is offered the visa holder, has to submit the permanent residence visa application within 60 days of time. This program is created to satisfy the demands of the employers who are seeking employees from the third world in a large scale. The new program has its own drawback as the expression of interest applications with resumes sent to the pool, no one knows for which job we are going to be selected. Though there is some sort of uncertainty prevailed in the selection process, whether our application is reviewed or not, the chances of qualified applications will get attention from the employers.

There is no job offer requires for this program, candidates will be selected according to their qualifications and they may get their share if applied as early as possible to bring their application on the top of the selection list. At present there are 50 highly demanded jobs are available and your application can be chosen for anyone of the job category.

The applicant should have passed the IELTS and credential assessment will be done on the resume. The equivalent diplomas will be calculated for the degrees and other educational qualifications, the applicant has. Many candidates submit their resume prepared some time back. But an updated resume with a fresh reference letter from your current employer will give you adequate chance to be selected in a better field of work in which you have qualifications.


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