UK Entreprenuer Tier 1 visa

UK Tier 1 visa needs the following conditions fulfilled. If you want to apply for a Tier 1 Visa you need to be from out side of the Euro Zone and Switzerland. You need to show a Minimum of 50,000 Pounds to invest in Briton. You can stay up to a maximum of 3 years and 4 months under this visa and if you want to extend your stay you can apply for a  further 2 years period if you are applying under the same category and if you are coming under a different category.

Under this visa you can bring your children and family to the country. If you complete 5 years in Briton you can apply for a permanent settlement visa to settle in UK permanently. Under this scheme you can’t collect any money from public to do business or expand your business. You should not do any work other than your business activity. You are not allowed to earn money from none other than the business.

To know further about the Tier 1 visa You can Contact Global Gateways to get the visa and complete the formalities to go and do the business in UK. The visa and immigration consultants in Bangalore can assist you with their expertise and a great experience throughout the visa process. The Globalgateways Success over 15 years of business is 99.99%.

Apart from the fund requirement you need to pass a English language test. You need to provide 6 necessary documents to process the visa application. to know the list of documents you may please be contact Globalgateways in Bangalore.

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