How to solve Australia 457 Visa issues?

Australia sees some abuses in the 457 temporary work visa program. Recently it tightens the norms for the program and even cancel some of the benefits under the program as the children of the 457 visa holder refused the free education and the spouse of the visa holder also cannot get a job in the country. These valuable benefits refusal reduces the number of applicants for the program and again the labor shortage realized in many fields Indians and Philippines are the most beneficiaries under this program.

To get a Complete list of Australia visa programs and the qualification requirements to get a PR visa or temporary visa and a job in the country you may please contact Global gateways in Bangalore. The visa and immigration consultants in Bangalore serve the clients for more than two decades and there are hundreds of people happily employed in the foreign countries.

Proper guidance and the visa application process reduce the chance of refusal in getting the visa. Proper documentation to satisfy the visa authorities can be done through the consultants, the Global gateways in Bangalore.

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