How to get a H1B visa?

Now there is a rush for H1b visa as the season is going to start in April. Experts in Java are mostly going to get the H1b visas from the authorities. But some reports say that some unauthorized consultants and law firms blocking a huge number of h1b visas, when real companies like TCS and Wipro are getting less number of h1b visas against their applied visas.

If you are a Java expert and wish to go USA with a handsome job opportunity, you may please contact Global gateways in Bangalore. The Genuine Visa and immigration consultants in Bangalore have extensive knowledge and experience on how to get h1b visas for its applicants. They would analyse your qualification and provide a assessment report whether you are eligible to get a h1b visa or not.

Moreover the consultation and the assessment are free with no hidden costs. Once you are reported that you are qualified for a h1b visa then only you are going to pay the necessary fees to the authorities. With a high success rate in the visa processing the experienced consultants never failed to get a visa after the assessment says that you are qualified.

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