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Work abroad (or) Overseas Job consultants in Bangalore


How Can I Get a Job Abroad

To work abroad or to work in advanced countries, one must meet the eligibility criteria of that country and the program.

To work in advanced countries you need to take assistance from a loyal and reputed consultant like Global Gateways who are serving since 1997.

Basic Eligibility criteria is based on:

  •  AGE: Younger the age more advantage. Right age is between 23 – 38 years.

  •  EDUCATION: You need minimum education, like Diploma, Bachelor Degree, Master’s degree any one at least is required.

  •  EXPERIENCE: Minimum 2-3 years of experience is required. This is called skill transferability. Your relevant education plus relevant experience create your skill transferability points.

  •  ENGLISH PROFICIENCY: Better your English knowledge, easily you can qualify to work in advanced countries. English skill can be easily improved with Self-discipline, coaching, persistence (non quitting mind set) and positive attitude.

“Global Gateways – the Best Work abroad, Overseas Job Consultants in Bangalore, serving over 2 decades, located in Shanthi Nagar, Bangalore.”


  •   Meet reputed working abroad consultants like Global Gateways and understand the opportunities for each program and start preparing.

  •   Start process with consultant, only if you are eligible for the program.

  •   Don’t take any blind decision. This is internet age, everything is available in the internet, go to respective Government website and understand the program, its benefits, its eligibility and then start the process.

  •   Meet the consultant again and again to clear all your doubts.

  •   Don’t worry about initial investment, no one can do anything free, even they have to run their offices, even government charge visa charges to run their office.

  •   One thing important, start with reputed and old consultants like Global Gateways to meet your Work abroad Goal.

  •   Because in the market there are many short term players, if you start process with such people, because they are charging less, you may not meet your destiny.


  •   Working in advanced countries is a well proven opportunities for decades.

  •   Indians have greatly benefitted from this opportunity.

  •   Since its high proven students invest 40 lakhs – 100 lakhs and chose to work abroad.

  •   Many fortune 500 companies CEO’s are Inidans.

  •   Always we should invest money based on returns that is called Return on investment.

  •   Example – if you invest about 2- 3 lakhs for one time to work in Canada Express Entry program, you and your spouse save every month may be 8 – 12 lakhs. Do you think, this investment is worth?

  •   At the same you can enjoy a High Quality life, and enjoy all the benefits from that Government.

  •   Most important Indians have proved most intelligent people in the earth.

  •   We must chose to work abroad in advanced countries with a loyal consultant like Global Gateways who are giving services since 1997.

  •   By working in advanced countries you can help yourself to lead a high quality life, as well you can also gift a great life to your loves once like your parents, brothers, sisters and friends.


  •   You must modify your resume / CV to suit international standards and may even have to polish it based on the country where you are looking for a job.

  •   You must have an updated CV and online profile before you begin your job search.

  •   You can look for relevant job openings in popular job search portals which list international job openings.

  •   Another option is to enroll for a Diploma or Master’s degree in the county of your choice, this will not only make you eligible for job openings in the country but will also help you to search for a job while you are studying.

  •   A sensible option is to take the help of reputed overseas job search consultant who will provide the expertise and guidance to help you find a job abroad. Choose the best consultancy based on reliability and experience.


  •   You will gain international work experience

  •   You will get better employment opportunities, better salaries, perks and chance for a better lifestyle. You will earn in Dollars every month.

  •   You will become aware of the workplace dynamics of a different countries and you will become better person working in advanced countries.

Next step to finding the best way to work abroad:

  •   Work every day on your goal of working in advanced countries.

  •   If you meet any goal easily, it’s not called goal.

  •   Everyone meet their goal only after hard and dedicated work.


  •   Choose from the best work abroad programs in the world which matches to your goal.

  •   Pay attention to past participants’ reviews, programs, university reputation, location, and how the program match your skills, your consultant reputation and their reviews.

Global Gateways provides below mentioned Work Abroad Opportunities:

Global Gateways provides Different Types of Services

  •   Permanent Resident Visa (PR Visas)

  •   Work Permit

  •   Job Search

  •   Many more

If you are looking for any work abroad opportunities like: Work in Australia, Work in Canada, Work in New Zealand, Germany Job Seeker Visa, Work in UK Contact Global Gateways

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