Work in Netherland

Work in Netherland

Work in Netherland

Work in Netherland

The Netherlands, a small country in Europe has a lot of potential to get a job in the country. The strong economic and political developments make the country busy in recruiting skilled people from the third world. High standard of living and career growth opportunities are assured as the country is a developed nation amongst the European countries.

Transportation, finance and business services are the major sectors, which contribute the GDP on more than 80%. The rich Dutch economy exports major portion of its agro and food products to the developed nations. The largest producer of the natural gas amongst the European nations accommodates some major international petrochemical industries.

Work experience and internships in Netherlands

Major industries in the country offer student internships and job opportunities in the country. The world electronic major Philips offers internships for all students from all backgrounds.

Even if you don’t know Dutch, you can get an opportunity to teach English in the country. Business and economic students get placements opportunities through AIESEC UK.

Engineering, technology and course related industry placements are offered by IAESTE UK.

Voluntary work opportunities

Voluntary workers from around the world are encouraged and given opportunities to serve in the country and across Europe. The volunteers are provided with food and accommodation, though they cannot expect a regular income in the country. The European Commission funding a scheme for volunteers to work and serve the countries where ever necessary. Youngsters from 18-30 years of age are enrolled to do volunteering work. The period of volunteering work will be initially for 12 months.

Including travel, food, accommodation facilities, and the volunteers can get insurance cover along with a personal allowance. Volunteering activities needed in sports, socio cultural environment.

Language requirements

Though almost all people in the Dutch country speak English, it is an additional advantage if the applicant learns and speaks some Dutch to manage the volunteering work in the country.  According to the rules and regulations of the European Union, the volunteers can move and stay across the European Union with free travel facilities. The workers can enjoy an equal status as citizens and can access all social activities in the country. Even if the employment is over, the volunteers can stay in the country. They need to ensure themselves for the medical expenses during the period. The strong economy and job market always open to the right candidates.

While staying there the employees will be allotted a BSN social security number and they can apply for the same through the local municipality, where they are staying.

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