Work authorization post study in Australia, New Zealand easier

Work authorization post study in Australia, New Zealand easier for those with good academic credentials

The work arrangements after studies in Australia are dealt with under the Provisional Graduate Visa (sub division 485). They are divided into graduate and postgraduate work streams. The graduate stream is as well as the Expert Graduate Visa (sub class 485). The work stream after studies facilitates extensive choices to be employed in Australia to deserving graduates with a senior educational degree. Through this mode, applicants who are successful are granted a visa for two, three or four years. It depends on the academic credentials they have secured. If you desire to study in Australia, you have to apply for the student visa (sub division 500) One can choose the following categories of study for this visa: English Language Exhaustive courses for Immigrant Students, school, be it primary, secondary, secondary school exchange programme, Occupational Education and training courses for availing advanced diploma, advanced education courses that include degree or associate degree; a degree certificate or degree diploma; masters research degrees – by research or doctoral degree; and non-award foundation studies courses or mechanism of a course that does not result in an award and students funded by department of Trade, External Affairs or the Defense Department.

The Government of New Zealand had in 2013 commenced a series of initiatives to promote development in its global education industry. As per these, deserving students were permitted to work in all their scheduled course vacations and not just in summer. The students in the doctoral and master research streams were permitted to have full time jobs. Being engaged in a job during the tenure of their entire education enables students to secure worthy industry experience prior to their graduation and readies them to face the job market.

Deserving global students have the chance to avail the 12 month job search visa upon completion of their study course in New Zealand which is only relevant to the specific level of courses to gain some global work experience.

Students pursuing a PhD in New Zealand have other major benefits too. Global students pay domestic fee and not international fees. Their partner or spouse can avail an open work authorization that lasts for the entire tenure of their PhD. The dependent kids of global PhD students can avail education standards on par with the citizens of New Zealand till their last year of high school and they are not charged any tuition fees in the state-run schools of New Zealand.

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