Work and Live In New Zealand

Work and Live In New Zealand

Work and Live In New Zealand

Work and Live In New Zealand

Work and Live In New ZealandGreat opportunity to work and live in New Zealand with your occupation and skills you have.


Skilled Migrant category – Applicant should have the required skills to work in New Zealand and settle permanently. Visit Jobs in demand list to know the listed jobs prescribed by the New Zealand authorities. Visa applications have to submit with the details of the job and the qualification to match the job requirements.

If you have a job offer from an accredited employer from the country, you can apply for the job and visa to work in the country. Even if you don’t have a job offer and skills in demand in New Zealand, still you can get a permanent residence in the country, if you have exceptional skills in sports and arts category.

Eligibility conditions

The applicant must be on or below 55 years of age. The applicant should have Good English speaking skills. Applicant should have a good character and with a healthy physic.

These basic qualities are required to apply for a visa apart from the above skills and requirements on occupation. A point based system will be applied to measure your qualities to be eligible. Age, employability, character and health conditions will be given points to scale your qualifications.

How to apply for?

You need to complete an Expression of Interest with the details about you and your family, skills and experience in the job in demand. We assess your qualifications based on the point system set by the New Zealand Government. If you have enough points to qualify then New Zealand will send to an invitation to apply for a Visa. You need to contact us for documentation purposes to prepare the documents to support your application, if the necessary documents are submitted, then we will proceed your application for further approval and to get a visa.

Skilled Migrant category points indicator

In the points-based system you need to score 100 points to qualify to apply for a visa. Language skills of the applicant and the partners and children will be assessed. Character of the person applied for and the accompanying person’s will be assessed. You need to have at least 12 months of employment and experience in the category you are applying a job. Recognized educational qualifications of your partners and children will be assessed by our staff at the time of submitting the Expression of Interest.

You will get points on the experience; you have to work in New Zealand. Your educational qualification must be in the line of the experience you have. Contact Global Gateways to get a free assessment and consultation to get clear picture of your employment opportunities and the permanent residence chances in New Zealand.

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