When to Apply UK Visitor Visa?

Best Time to Apply for a UK Visitor Visa

When to apply the visit visa for UK, recommended applying before 3 month of you prior of the date when you want to travel to the UK. According to the UK embassy’s service standards of processing a visa,  All the non- settlement process visas are being processed 100% it will within 12 weeks, 98% within 6 weeks, 90% within 3 weeks.  Hence for the UK visit visa will surely be processed within the 12 weeks or 3 months it depends on the time the application is field together and with in supporting documents and the application fee.

Sometimes the processing will be delay sometimes depending your producing to your documents. Accounting to the Embassy may need a longer time to assess and process your visa application especially when during the application if you are lacking any material of document or requirement or the Embassy felt the need to interview the applicant. So this will cause the Embassy longer processing time. But the UK Embassy has solution like they will provide some explanation and information for that.

Fast-tracking visa application

Many of the people those who have applied to UK visit visa application, belief that speeding up for the processing. And it is not all a true. Upon submitting the visa the application and the pertinent documents to the UK Embassy, the visa officer will process the same what you have provided the same following their standard procedure and without any intervention from any individual or any office.  The processing time for visa it will take longer period of time or shorter time it’s all depends on the case by the case basis and depending on the volume of UK visa applications. And it’s all depends the visa officer hands, only applicants may monitor or track the visa processing and nothing else can be done. Fast-tracking of visa application cannot be promised to any visa applicant.

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