What we get from Australia Temporary visa 457?

Australia place more restrictions on the issuing of the Temporary 457 visas for skilled workers. This puts many Australian companies facing shortage in skilled work force. The major sufferers are Indonesians and Indians as well as Chinese.

Australian 457 visa program allows people to work temporarily in Australia and after their jobs completed they have to leave the country. But many people got jobs for their spouses and other family members and friends during the period of stay and after leaving the country they get invitation from the existing visa holders who benefited early by them.

This produces a routine activity as the friends and relatives make more and more invitations to help others enter into the country legally. This leads to the unwanted entry of the semi skilled or unskilled employees into the country. They become a burden for the country and the Australian government wanted to stop this. After revamped the visa and immigration department with many changes the Australian government gives more powers to the department to secure the border control and limit the illegal immigration into the country.

The Australian Government finds many malpractices in the student visa program also. Since the Australian government collecting information on the size of the student visa fraud, it warns all the students those who changed the study program after getting a visa for a different program which will help the education scene in the country.

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