What it needs to get a h1b visa this season?

As this season opens the rush for USA h1b visas started earlier to get the quota. Though the fears are there that the fake consultants are blocking certain portion of the h1b visas, the major portion of the visas can be acquired by the real qualified people. For Java people this is the lucky season as there are many openings available for the technicians.

So we Globalgateways invite all Java skilled people to visit our office to understand the opportunities and the eligibility criteria to get a h1b visa. Further more only companies can apply for the h1b visas, but still we know what are the companies in USA wants qualified people and we have established a good contact  throughout our service to the Indian community.

Hence if you visit our office we will show the means and ways to get the h1b visa. we have a 99.99% of success rate in applying such visas and get it to the aspirants.

Kindly contact our Globalgateways office at Shanthi Nagar Bangalore for a bright future.

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