What is the selection criteria for the NewZealand visitor visa

New Zealand Visit Visa Selection Criteria

A valid passport with three months validity is required. The validity period should be the latest 3 months, on the date you leave for New Zealand. We need to prove the intention, and why we are visiting the country and the stay is only temporary, till the date specified. WE need to show the funds to spend in New Zealand during the stay in the country. Approximately a $1000 is required per month for a person in New Zealand. But in the case of staying with relatives or friends, we need to show the funds $400 only per month. We are not allowed to work and earn with a tourist or visitor visa period. Sufficient money should be in the account of principal applicant’s bank account.

A good health and a good character is needed to be proved at the time of applying for a visitor visa. Visit our experts in New Zealand visa consultants at Global gateways in Bangalore to get a free assessment and consultation on the qualifications you have. Though there are few countries enjoying free entry to New Zealand without a visa, Indians must have a valid visitor visa to enter the country. Australian and British citizens are allowed to enter the country without any visa requirements from the authorities.

Initially a nine months valid visa will be issued and you can extend it for another three months, if you have no intensions to work and live in New Zealand during the period. You can use the visa period for a temporary stay, for a study but within the 1 year period of time, for a business discussion or to meet business partners in the country. You can take a medical treatment or visit relatives in the country. Participation in sports is also passible during the visitor visa period.

There are possibilities to deny you a visitor visa for the country. If you don’t have sufficient funds on your account, or a valid passport with three months validity etc. can be a ground for the denial of the visitor visa. A good health and character also be proved to get a visit visa. There are some other reasons for which you may be denied a visa. IF a person expelled from a country may not be given a visitor visa. A person with criminal backgrounds will be denied the visitor visa. A person with a removal order from New Zealand also cannot get a visitor visa.

We at Global Gateways in Bangalore help you to fill the application and prepare documents to support the visa application. Contact our visa experts to get a free assessment and consultation to prepare a complete valid application and the rules and regulations to follow at the time of stay in the country. Places of tourism interest and to know the general information about the country, you may please contact us at 080-41142233 – Bangalore



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