What is Canada Express work visa entry program?

Canada government’s new express entry program is not a new one for the world of aspirants to go foreign and settle in a well-developed country. Initially the New Zealand introduced the Express entry visa program to employ skilled workers in the country from the foreign countries. It works well and the Australia followed the same procedure when the skilled worker requirement escalated.

This makes a pool of jobs and the applicants has to apply for a pool of job, irrelevant to the job profile, the applicants have to list out all of their skills and qualifications as well as experiences in the resume and submit it along with an Expression of interest. The employers and the visa authorities may go through the applications on a first come first basis. If any employer found a suitable person for his job to be performed, then he will ask the authorities to send an invitation to the concerned applicant to submit an application for a particular job.

The beauty in this system is there is no cap fixed on receiving the applications and the jobs offered to the foreign skilled workers.

The applicants who applied for a different job have to submit a separate application by this program. The chances of getting a job from an unknown employer is possible in this system.

Then the process of applying for the permanent residence comes and the visa holder has to submit an application for the permanent residence visa application within 60 days of time from the date of the permanent job visa issued.

for more information and the job opportunities in Canada you please contact Global gateways immediately, since getting a job in the country is for the people those who applied early.



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