Visa processing for Australia and New Zealand Procedures- Terms and Conditions

Australia Visa and New Zealand Visa Processing

The complexity of the visa process depends largely on the type of visa being applied for and the evidence you have in support of your application. The process of obtaining a visa for Australia and New Zealand can be a complex visa process. For instance, short term tourists who are passport holders from certain countries (if there is no adverse record against their name)have free entry to New Zealand and are granted a visa when they arrive at the New Zealand airport. The current list of countries is located at Best check this passport status well in advance of ticket purchase and making travel plans.
Australia has a different system. If a potential tourist holds an acceptable passport and has no adverse immigration alert against their name, they may apply over the internet at the Australian government site for an Electronic Tourist Visa. Again; check the passport status and your status well in advance of ticket purchase and making plans. They can only do this while they are outside Australia.

Alternatively, speak to immigration professional. These professionals can research your status and eligibility if you have any concerns. If you do not meet the criteria of these stream line passport holder processes, you may still be eligible for a Australia tourist visa but have to submit documentation in support of your application.

Health Condition on Immigration Check

If you have health issues on immigration, have a background check that New Zealand or Australian authorities may consider unacceptable(you will not know this until you try to enter the country and your name is picked up on the immigration computer systems)or been previously excluded from entry to any country, you may need help. Get this help well in advance of your travel. If immigration authorities suspect that you are not legitimate tourist who will depart the country within 3 months of arrival, you may be denied entry to Australia or New Zealand once you arrive.

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