USA visitor Visa types for Indians and benefits – What to do with USA visitor visas?

Visitor Visas for United States of America

United States of America allow people to visit their country, people who like to visit United States of America, need to have Visitor Visa which would be stamped on the applicants passport. A visa is not a guarantee entry to United States. Instead it depends on individual eligibility to get visa and to enter United States of America. Once it is approved by Department of Homeland Security and Customs and Border Protection the decision will be made on individual’s entry to United States of America.

Visitor Visas are classified into two types

We have Immigrant Visa another one Non-Immigrant Visa. Immigrant Visas is known as permanent visa is for people who wanted to live in United States of America Permanently.  Non- Immigrant Visas is for people who visit United States of America for temporary basis.

Two types of Visas B1 and B2

 B1 Visas is applicable for the people who are travelling for business conference, negotiating contracts, consultations and meetings. B2 Visas is applicable for the people who are travelling for visiting friends, medical treatment, relatives, recreational activities and tourism. The decision on the type of Visa to be granted for an individual by the office of the consulate will be based on the facts like reason of the travel, duration of the travel and relevant documentation.

Visitor Visa Interview

It is important that an individual apply for the Visitor Visa in advance at United State of American Embassy or Consulate at their country. First under Visitor Visa there will be an interview and later fingerprint will be taken. Interview is applicable for the individuals who are within 14 to 79 ages, and interviews are not required for the people who are above 80 years or within 13 years. The time to process the Visa or an interview defers on each applicant based on United States of America Embassy or Consulate. Later the individual need to submit relevant documents and pay the relevant fee to obtain a Visitor Visa.

Once the United States of America Visitor Visa gets approved, Department of Homeland Security and Customs and Border Protection will decide the entry of the applicant and length of stay.

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