USA Visa Types

  • A-1 visa is issued to the Ambassador, Career Diplomat, and Public Minister, or Immediate Family of Consular Officer, Consular officer.
  • A-2 visas are for Other Foreign Government Official or Employee, or Immediate Family.
  • A-3 visas will be issued to the Attendants, Servants, or Personal Employees of A1 or A2, or Immediate Family members of the same.
  • B-1 tourist visa is for the Temporary Visitor for Business purposes, to attend meetings and conferences.
  • B-2 travel visa is for the Temporary Visitor for Pleasure and entertainment purposes.
  • B-1/B-2 Temporary Visitor for Business & Pleasure
  • C “Transit Visa”
    C1 –unknown people on Transit
    C2 –person on Transit to United Nations Headquarters District to visit United nations meetings and conferences on invitation from the UN authorities
  • C3 –visa will be issued to the Foreign Government Officials, Immediate Family of the same, and Attendants from various countries, Servant or Personal Employee of the governments of other countries those who are in transit.
  • C1/D
    “Crew member”
    Combined Transit and Crewmember Visa for the group of people under cultural and social relationship meetings.
    For people serving on a ship or plane, landing or docking temporarily.
  • D –This the visa issued for the individual member of a crew – Crewmember (Sea or Air)
  • E-1 –This is for the people from the countries, with which the United states have an agreement on trade and bilateral agreements- Treaty Trader, Spouse or Child
  • E-2 –This visa is for the people, who visit USA to invest from the same countries, which have agreements with the country. Treaty Investor, Spouse or Child
  • E-3 Australian Treaty Alien Coming to the United States Solely to Perform Services in a Specialty Occupation.
  • E-3D Spouse or Child of E3
  • E-3R Returning E3
  • F-1 a type of a student visa for the students, those who want to pursue studies in the country. Usually for higher education students and college students. Students;academic,including at colleges, universities, seminaries, conservatories, academic high schools, other academic institutions, and in language training
  • F-2 Families and dependents of the F1 visa holder to visit the students in USA. Spouse or Child of F1
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