USa visa Types 2

  • F-3 this visa is for the neighboring countries citizens of Canada and Mexico to study in the country. Canadian or Mexican national commuter student in an academic or language training program.
  • G-1 Approved foreign officials can bring their family members and dependents under this visa program. Principal Resident Representative of Recognized Foreign Government to International Organization, Staff, or Immediate Family.
  • G-2 Other Representative of Recognized Foreign Member Government to International Organization, or Immediate Family.
  • G-3 Representative of Non-recognized or Nonmember Foreign Government to International Organization, or Immediate Family.
  • G-4 International Organization Officer or Employee, or Immediate Family
  • G-5 Attendant, Servant, or Personal Employee of G1 through G4, or Immediate Family
  • H-1B Temporary professionals(for specialty occupations such as doctors, engineers, physical therapists, computer professionals; must have at least a bachelor’s degree)
    H4 visa is for dependents
  • H-1B1 Chilean or Singaporean National to Work in a Specialty Occupation
  • H-1C Nurse in Health Professional Shortage Area
  • H-2A Temporary Worker Performing Agricultural Services Unavailable in the United States.
  • H-2B Temporary Worker Performing Other Services Unavailable in the United States
  • H-3 Trainees
  • H-4 Spouse or Child of Alien Classified H1B/B1/C, H2A/B/R, or H-3.
  • I Representative of Foreign Information Media, Spouse and Child.
  • J-1 Exchange visitor
  • J-2 Spouse or Child of J1
  • K-1 Fiance(e) of United States Citizen
  • K-2 Child of Fiance(e) of U.S. Citizen
  • K-3 Spouse of U.S. Citizen Awaiting Availability of Immigrant Visa
  • K-4 Child of K3
  • L-1 Intracompany Transferee (Executive, Managerial, and Specialized Knowledge Personnel Continuing Employment with International Firm or Corporation).
  • L-2 Spouse or Child of Intra-company Transferee


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