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USA tourist visa

USA tourist visa

USA tourist visa

USA tourist visa is otherwise called as B2 visa; USA visitor visa is for the people who are wanted to visit the USA for tourism purposes, visiting family members, friends, and relatives, to attend special events, meetings, seminars, conferences, family functions and ceremonies. It is a temporary visa and cannot be used for any employment and business purposes on a permanent basis. The B1-B2 visa or B2 visa has to be stamped before entering into the U.S. it is subject to approval on strict rules and guidelines. Like other countries, the visitor visa cannot be used for study purposes in the USA. Even no short term courses can be studied within the validity period of the visa.

If anyone wants to deal with businesses and business people, then they have to apply for a business visa B1 for the purpose. Tourist visa can be used for medical purposes other than the tourism purposes. USA visitor visa will be issued only after an approval of the applicant’s application. A valid passport is necessary before start the procedure. The aspirant has to apply for a visa with a specified form and then he has to pay the fees. He will be invited for an interview with the consulate authorities of USA in the home country. Only after the approval the consulate, the visitor visa will be stamped on the valid passport of the applicant.

Applicants can visit USA with their dependents and children. The visit visa for USA can be issued for a maximum period of time of 10 years subject to the visitor’s intention, profile and with a satisfied documentation to stay in the country. Applications are made online, but for the first time applicants, an interview is mandatory. With strict documentation procedures and proved intension can one get the visit visa for the U.S.A.!

The USA visitor visa is a permission to reach the port of entry in the United States, the Immigration inspector is the person, who decides after checking your documents and visa, the actual length of period, you are going to stay. Within the permitted period you can stay visit the places you want. The last of the allowed period, you need to travel to the port of exit, not even an extra day will be allowed to make your depart on any conditions. Unlike other countries, there is no extension is possible on the visa period after the period allowed by the immigration inspector.

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