USA Study Visa ( Student Visa)

USA has its own multicultural influences as major part of work force is consists of Immigrants from the third world. As one of the earliest democracies in the world, United States of America becomes a super power in the world and creates its own style of educational system which now considered as the best and pioneering education system in the world. The world class quality education system invites students from foreign countries to get better education from the well-established universities. The higher number of universities has its own international records to create industry specific research oriented study programs, which is preferred by the multinational industrial corporations in the world.

Scope of research and rich knowledgebase make the students innovative and unique among the world of education around the globe. Around 4,000 institutions offer various degrees from associate, Bachelor and post graduate on different specializations. Industry specific social, cultural and science based educational programs suits all students from different academic qualifications. Universal reputation and recognition provide students a vast opportunity in the job market of various countries. Multinational corporations offer jobs even before completing the degrees from the universities of America.

Large number of grants and scholarships make the system affordable as the government of United States and a great number of private scholarships offered to the eligible students from countries around the world. Country specific course specific scholarships offered to make the life and education system cheaper and yet more beneficial to the international students. Scholarships are offered to the meritorious students for tuition fees and accommodation facilities and more financial aids and sponsorship programs are available to the students with qualifications as prescribed.

World class research facilities and infrastructure to adopt any new technology and excel in the study of the subject make the educational system one of the best in the world. A report says 77 of the 200 top universities in the world situated in the country. Flexible study program offers choosing subjects an d study timings at one’s convenient makes it attractive to the students instead of offering a prefixed teaching program that may irrelevant to the student on career opportunities and plans. Various student exchange programs and offers make the admission into the universities of world class easy for the international student community.

Earning while learning also permitted in the US universities as any student can work for 20 hours a week as a part time labor and a 40 hours a week as a full time labor in the country for the living expenses in the country. Practical implementation of the subjects make the students get experience in the actual work field and place them in a superior position among the other world students in the industrial arena. Usually there are 4 intakes available for the international students Spring, fall, summer and winter.

Fall and the Spring intakes are the major intake seasons for majority of the universities and the summer and winter intakes offer from few universities and the programs offered also very few. TOFEL, IELTs passing is must on language criteria to get selected for the university programs.

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