USA L1 Visa – Employee Transfer Visa

USA L1 Visa – Employee transfer Visa

USA L1 Visa - Employee transfer Visa

USA L1 Visa – Employee transfer Visa

USA L1 Visa is for the employees of the overseas companies to transfer their employees to USA to work for a maximum period of seven years. The employee should have worked at least one year in the company within the latest three years in the company which sends the employee to the US to work in its branch or its associate’s work place.

The L1 visa is applicable for the US organizations also to transfer their foreign branch employees to the US for a maximum period of three years.  There is no limitation of the number of visas to be issued under this category as that of H1B visa limitation that limits the overseas employees to depute in the country for an unlimited period of time.

Dependent spouses are also allowed to get authorization to work in the country, but have to apply separately with an L2 visa application with a reference of the L1 visa granted to the spouse, that is for the principle applicant. It usually takes 2-4 weeks’ time to get the approval under the L1 visa procedures. If it comes under a blanket approval it takes a less time that is 1 to 3 weeks.

It is not for all employees of the overseas companies to transfer to the country to work. Only certain categories of employees with a high grade in the company like Managers and Executives. The point in the level of employee category is that the employee must be a key functionary of the company and may control a team of employees in the organization. Initially, the visa will be granted only for a three years period of time and later it can be extended for two years – twice at a maximum of 7 years total.

Even some special staff of the company also gets the visa, but the employee should have a complete knowledge of the company and the products and researches, operations and the company’s overall functionality. However, the staff category can get the L1 visa for a maximum period of five years and not 7 years as like for the executive and managers of the company. After the completion of the visa period, the visa holder should leave the country and work in the home country for at least one year to return back again under the L1 visa program to work in the company’s branch.

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