USA F1 student visa

USA F1 student visa

USA F1 student visa

USA F1 student visa

USA F1 student visa is for the students wanting to study in the United States. The visa applicants have to show their intent to return to the home country after the visa period is over. The student visa holders must show the funds to support themselves for their study and expenses incurred on living expenses. Accurate documentation and the filing procedures can ensure getting the visa to the country. International students must have an admission from one of the registered university in the country to apply for the visa.


The applicant of the student visa must show the funds to support themselves and the family members accompanying him/her to stay in the country during the study visa period. As this is a non-immigrant visa category, Applicants must not seek and undertake any job in the United States whether it is paid or free. Applicants must have the intent to comply with the USA rules and regulations throughout the stay in the country. Applicants should have no criminal records in the past while applying for the student visa.

Original form has to be submitted to get the visa and the fee receipt also be attached with the application.

Visa applications must have submitted early as this is a non-immigrant visa and the degree of scrutiny is high than in the past due to security concerns. Monday and Friday are the days, the interview will be held and the visa applicants can most probably get the visa within two working days. But early planning and the submission of records prove tension free and proper documentation.

A clear undamaged passport is necessary to get the visa as per the rules laid down by the authorities of the country. Damaged, torn apart passport not acceptable to stamp the visas. The pages attached with a film to protect the biographic data should have the film covering the data. If the film is separated from its position, it is better to get a new passport before attending the interview with the embassy officials.

The applicants should have prior approval from the registered universities of the state and the same must be submitted at the time of submitting the application for the visa. The visa is for the academic purposes to pursue the studies in the country. Accredited universities and colleges only can issue the approval documents, which in turn have to be submitted to the visa authorities along with the student visa application.

The students of vocational studies and other training and non-academic study program students have to apply for the M1 visa. The basic rules and regulations are the same under as that of the F1 visa rules and procedures with few changes specific to the vocational and time criteria.

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