USA business visa – B1 VIsa

USA Business Visa – B1 Visa

USA Business Visa - B1 Visa

USA Business Visa – B1 Visa

USA business visa issued for the people, who are interested in developing business associations with the USA partners, attending business meetings, seminars, training sessions, review the USA market for business opportunities, get contracts with the USA business community, build alliances with USA businesses and opening of your business in the country after obtaining necessary permissions from the country authorities to do so. The B1 Business visa is valid upto 10 years, but the time of the visitors stay is determined by the immigration officer at the port of entry in the USA.

The Business visa only permits you to reach the port of entry only. The duration of the stay will be decided by the immigration officer stationed at the port of entry and the visitor has to prove the intention of visiting and staying in the USA for pure business activities temporarily. No profitable business can be done under the B1 Business visa. The time duration mentioned in the visa is not the actual time of stay in the country.

The consular officer must be satisfied that the visitor has strong ties with the home country and he will return to the country of origin after the purpose of the visit done.

Qualifying for a USA Business visa B1

All the non-immigrant visa holders must prove that they have strong reasons to return to their home country and must specify the time of departure from the country. The visa interview will be held on Mondays and Fridays. IT is usual that almost all the visa applicants under the B1 Business visa will be awarded the visa within two business days. One must prepare and submit the B1 visa application as early as possible since the scrutiny of the documents would be done at a greater degree than in the past.

A valid passport in good condition is an important thing to get the visa stamped. The USA visa cannot be stamped in the damaged passports as a general rule set by the authorities. It is better to get a fresh new passport before the interview if your passport is damaged or torn apart or the film on the biographic data separated from the passport.

Eligibility conditions for the B1 Business Visa

The applicant must show the sufficient funds to support themselves during the stay in the country. The funds have to be shown for the co-visitors of the principal applicant also. The applicant and the accompanied visitors must not seek or undertake any job opportunity in the country weather payable or at free of cost. The applicant should have no criminal records as per the laws of the US. Applicants prefer to stay with their relatives or friends must submit the invitation letter along with the application.

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