Upcoming changes for Skilled Migrant and Essential Skills Visas

Upcoming changes to remuneration thresholds for Skilled Migrant and Essential Skills Visas

Upcoming changes for Skilled Migrant and Essential Skills Visas

Upcoming changes for Skilled Migrant and Essential Skills Visas

In August 2017, changes were made to Skilled Migrant Category (SMC) resident visa and Essential Skills temporary work visa applications. These changes included introducing remuneration thresholds to both categories.

On 15 January 2018, thresholds will be updated to reflect the current NZ median wage – which increased from $23.49 per hour to $24.29 per hour in the year to June 2017.

Essential Skills and SMC visa applications submitted from 15 January will be subject to the new minimum remuneration rates.

Immigration New Zealand (INZ) encourages all prospective migrant employers to check the INZ website for the latest information.

Remuneration thresholds

It is expected that the rates will be adjusted on a regular basis but immigration instructions are subject to change at any time.

Applications that are submitted prior to 15 January 2018 will remain unaffected by these changes.

A taste of the technology changes coming in 2018

As part of our wider programme of planned technology enhancements, Immigration New Zealand will be upgrading the functionality of our systems during the first quarter of 2018

Users of Immigration New Zealand online tools will be impacted by the changes, which include updates to the Expressions of Interest (EOI) form and the Essential Skills in Demand Lists, as well as updates to forms and guides to include the NZ Business Number and the introduction of Group applications.

Groups functionality is an enhancement to Immigration Online tool and is built on current application types – Visitor, Student, Work. It is part of the package of initiatives that will bring the total number of online applications to 80%.

The first scheduled deployment (Groups Drop 1) in February 2018 provides you, as an immigration agent, with the ability to submit and process applications from groups of applicants. For example, a single “multi” application can be submitted for a family of visitors travelling together.

When the application is for a family group wanting to apply for different kinds of visas, or a group of visitors travelling together for a common purpose, these can be submitted together as “linked” applications. In May 2018, Groups Drop 2 will provide for the submission of partner or dependent child applications.

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