UK Visit Visa

UK Visit Visa

UK Visit Visa

UK Visit Visa

UK visit visa are valid for 6 months, with the visa is used for the purposes of tourism trips, business trips, visiting friends, and family, for those who need medical attention can also visit UK with the visa. UK visitor visa can be used as a transit visa; those who traveled through UK to other destinations have to have the UK visit visa.

Business Visit visas for the UK

UK offers a range of visas for tour and travel purposes, business purposes, studying in UK, Medical tourism purposes etc. Under the business visit visa or any other tourist visa type, one cannot take up an employment opportunity whether it is paid or not paid. Visas are designed for employment purposes with different terms and conditions. For the skilled workers from the third world countries, the UK employment visas are issued. TIER 1, TIER 2 and TIER 3 visas are for the employment purposes. Business visit visas are for the people, who want to attend business conferences, meetings with business partners or looking for a new business opportunity and planning to invest in the country.

Business visas are for more effective than other visas as they don’t need complicated evaluation systems and any points required to get a visa. The business visit visa enables the person to stay for a six months period and it allows multiple entries to the country up to the valid period of two years.

UK Tourist Visa

UK Tourist Visas are for a period of six months and multiple entries are possible under the program. Visit visas are for usually for a short term period. It can be used under multiple entries for up to two years period. The exception is if the visa holder uses it for a medical treatment. It can be extended to the medical condition and the treatment is over. As this is a temporary visa one cannot use this to remain for a long time under indefinite leave to remain (ILR) and UK citizenship.

Applying for the UK visit Visa

The candidate must support himself financially during the period of time, he stays in the country. The intention of the visit must be stated clearly and to return to his home country is also being proved. If the visa applicant has relationships with UK people or family ties, he must prove the reason that he is going to return to the home country ( For work or business purposes and if any assets in the home country, that have to be showed as a proof to show that he is intended to return the home country).

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