UK tourist visa eligibility requirements

UK tourist visa eligibility requirements

UK tourist visa

UK tourist visa

The UK comprises of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. United Kingdom’s Capital London is one of the Largest Cities in the World. UK countryside offers a variety of tourism and travel opportunities and to learn a lot for the people from the third world. With the highly qualified experts in the country in Medical, the country is a better place for medical tourism and treatment. The multi-cultural society offers a variety of business and employment opportunity for the people those in need.

Global Gateways offer a complete guidance on tourist and work visas as well as business visas and job-related visas. Tier1, Tier 2, Tier 3 visas are for the job seekers, those with excellent qualifications that the country need to boost it economic and trade activities.

Visa Requirements

The applicant must show sufficient funds to support him and the accompanying people while on tour in the country. The applicant is not eligible to seek any help on funding from the government. During the period of time, the applicant should not undertake any employment that is payable or not payable.

The applicant is intended to strictly obey the laws of the country and should not have any criminal records in his own country or in any part of the world. Applicant has to undergo a medical examination to prove his health during the stay in the country. There is an exception for the people those who medical treatment, but with a prior permission from the authorities. If the applicant is intended to stay with the relatives or friends, they must submit the invitation letter from the country’s permanent resident permit holders or Citizens of the country.

Applicants of certain countries should have a temporary resident visa on tour and travel in the country.

Basic features of the tourist visa/visitor visa

UK visitor visa allows the visa holders to visit and stay in the country for a limited period of time. The visa holder can visit families and friends with an invitation from the same. Visitors are eligible to join short-term educational courses, can learn English and French during the validity period of the visa. Tourist visa holders can search for employment opportunities through consultations and can meet employers in pursuit of job opportunities. But the visitors are not permitted to work in the country during the period of time for a salary or for a free of cost.

Accompanying people like spouse and children of over 21 years have to apply for separate visas and adhere to the laws of the country.

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