UK Tier 2 Priority Postal Service

UK Tier 2 Priority Postal Service

UK Tier 2 Priority Postal Service

UK Tier 2 Priority Postal Service

Tier 2 (Priority) applications allow skilled migrant workers that are present in the UK to apply for a 10 working day priority postal visa application. From the date you post the visa application to the Home Office, the Home Office aims to process your application. G4I can confirm the 10 days is very accurate so if you need to switch into tier 2 or change employers and you need to start a new job urgently, this visa route is perfect for applying for. It typically costs £300.00 more over standard postal routes which take on average 8 weeks to process.

Who can apply for a Tier 2 Priority Service?

If you meet the guidelines to apply under tier 2, the following can be applied for if you migrant worker is in the UK:

  • Tier 2 General
  • Tier 2 Intra-company Transfer
  • Tier 2 Minister of Religion
  • Tier 2 Sportsperson

Tier 2 Priority process

  • A job offer confirming your job at the relevant SOC code level.
  • A job description from your sponsor confirming your duties.
  • A job specification confirming the skill sets you to need to do the job.
  • Confirmation if the job is on a contract and if on contract terms of the contract.
  • Your ability to meet the English level unless exempt or previously submitted with a previous visa application.
  • Meeting the financial requirements unless your A-Rated sponsor agrees to sponsor this.
  • If switching from Tier 4 or Tier 1 Post Study Work, you meet the switching requirements.
  • Your assigned CoS is the correct one if you applying within the UK or you have to enter the UK.
  • You are not deemed as an overstayer.
  • You should get legal advice if your current visa has expired.
  • You have no existing application with the Home Office or appeal outstanding.
  • If you have been refused a previous visa and the Home Office accused you of providing false information, you should get legal advice first.
  • The Home Office approved your priority application and you received an authorization code which starts with PA.
  • You submit the visa application within a couple of days of having your priority application approved.

What are the visa processing times?

The date you posted your application to the Home Office is the date the 10 working day’s counts from. Within a week of submitting your tier 2 priority visa, you should receive a letter to attend your biometrics. As long as you attend your biometrics within the 10 day period your application should be decided. To avoid delays we recommend you attend your biometrics immediately.

What if 10 working days is too long to wait?

You can always pay another £100.00 to the Home Office per person that needs an urgent visa. This extra £100.00 covers the same day visa service that the Home Office provides. Contact us today to see if we can secure you an urgent visa slot with the Home Office. In many instances, we can secure a visa slot within the week or we can secure a visa slot 6 weeks in advance.

6 weeks visa slots?

We have a 6-week window opportunity to book you your same day visa appointment. Some people want this service because they do not want to wait 8 weeks for the postal application, need to switch to a new employer quickly or they have imminent travel plans. If you need to secure a slot let us know and we book it for you.

Can my family join me on this visa?

Yes, they can if they are already in the UK on a valid visa. When you apply for your tier 2 priority postal slot, you must add each family member to the application form. If the Home Office approves your priority application you must add your family members to your visa application.

How do I go about securing a priority application?

First, you need to request a priority slot from the Home Office.

Can I apply online?

Currently, at present, only single applications can apply online. This means if your partner or child applied separately to you they can apply online.

How long can my visa be applied for?

This will depend on what is stated in your Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS). Your sponsor should agree with you in advance whether they will issue you a CoS up to 3 years or up to 5 years.

Note: If your salary is based on an ‘Entrant’ level then you can only apply for a visa up to 3 years. If your salary is based upon an ‘Experienced’ level then your CoS can be applied for up to 5 years.

When can I start my new job?

Once you receive either your approval Visa letter or BRP card you can take up your employment immediately unless you have agreed to start your job upon an agreed date.

Can I start my new job prior to my BRP card being approved?

Yes and No. If you hold a tier 2 visa or the old work permit visa you can only start the job once the Home Office has approved your visa application. If you are switching from Tier 1 Post Study Work or Tier 4 General Student visa you can work for this employer under your current visa status.

When will my new Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) and documents arrive back?

Your BRP will arrive via a third party courier and your documents that include your passport, application supportive documents, and visa approval letter should arrive by Royal Mail.

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