UK Tier 1 Visa – Investor Category

Tier 1 Visa – Investor Category

Tier 1 Investor visa category enable an investor to invest a minimum of 10, 00,000 pounds in the UK and settle in the country. It has to be a disposable capital at the time of applying for the Tier 1 visa – Investor category. The visa applicants are relieved from the condition of knowing and converse English language qualification. The dependents are also exempted from the same language qualification criteria.

The possible investor otherwise have a 20,00,000 pounds worth of assets and a loan of at least 10,00,000 pounds which can be invested in the UK is eligible to apply for the Tier 1 visa program. The investor is exempted from showing funds to support him for living expenses. This is applicable for the dependents listed in the application. The investor will be awarded 75 points under the program without any further quality assessments and criteria.

The investor is eligible to get a permanent residence permit or indefinite leave to remain in the country. The dependents are also eligible to get the same status when the principle applicant made the investment in the country.

To qualify for the program one has to get at least 75 points and the investment alone can get the necessary points to qualify and apply for the program without any other requirements. Though some opposition MPs and foreign nationals as well as local VIPs criticizing the program, it is welcomed by most of the people in the country and now implemented successfully.

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