UK Tier 1 Visa – Entrepreneurs Visa category

UK Tier 1 visas are for the people who want to start a business and those who want to invest in the country to get a regular income from the investments. The entrepreneurs with skill on business administration and running a business successfully can apply for the visa. We need to submit relevant documents to prove the talent we have in a particular business or trade. People with a certain amount of investment to be made in the UK can also apply for the visa. Only a few people can be selected for under the program without any investment but have the talent to create a business and provide employment for the British people.

People staying in the country for more than Five years are eligible to apply for the permanent residence permit or settlement visa or popularly known as indefinite leave to remain in the country.

Tier 1 visa program has many sub-categories that offer a chance to apply for a visa under the program.  Entrepreneurs are one of the categories those who can invest from 50,000 pounds to 2, 00,000 pounds in the UK are eligible to apply for the visa under Tier 1 visa. The Tier 1 applicant has to score 95 points to qualify for the visa program.

You have to come with a proposal to run a business that assures a profit to sustain the business. The solid business proposal makes the visa authorities confident that you are going to run a successful business in the country. If you have a 2, 00,000 pounds as disposable capital to invest in any business you will get 25 points under the visa program.

If you have required English language skills to communicate yourself to the needy people in the business will get you 10 points and when you have sufficient supporting funds for living expenses earn you 10 points under the program. If your capital investment invested in a registered approved financial institution, then you will get 25 points under the program. If your investment lying in any one of the UK Government departments then you are eligible to get 25 more points to qualify to apply for the Tier 1 visa program.

If you have a Tier 1 post study work visa you are eligible to get 25 points. Being engaged in a successful business activity earns you 25 more points. If you are qualified and your application for the indefinite leave to remain in the UK is in pending status will get you the more 25 points to qualify for the program. To know more about the points and how the calculation be made under the Tier 1 visa program, you may please visit Global gateways. A free counseling and free assessment on your profile will be available for the aspirants those who are able to invest and apply for the Tier 1 visa.

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